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The NX254 XO series is a high performance HCSL crystal oscillator family with very low jitter performance. Other than PCIe clock frequencies, it also supports various options including other Networking frequencies, 2.5V/3.3V voltage, and various stabilities.

It is designed to meet the clock source specifications for PCIe interface, SGMII of communication systems, and other high performance equipment.


  • Networking systems
  • Servers and storage systems
  • Professional video equipment
  • Test and measurement
  • FPGA/ASIC clock generation


  • Meets PCIe Gen2, Gen3, and Gen4 clock requirements at 100MHz
  • Very low phase jitter - < 1.0ps RMS max.
  • Wide frequency range - 5 ~ 212.5MHz
  • Thicker crystal for improved reliability
  • Low supply current - 70mA max.
  • Industrial Temperature Range
  • Pb-free & RoHS compliant
  • Fast lead time

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

ProductSeries NX2
Family XO
Output Logic HCSL
Supply Voltage 3.3, 2.5
Freq Range (MHz) 5 to 212.5
Jitter <1ps
PkgType Ceramic Seam
Package Size 2.5x2.0x0.9
Pads 6

Technical Documents

Recommended Soldering Techniques