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AP6502A (Obsolete)

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The AP6502A is a 240kHz switching frequency external compensated synchronous DCDC buck converter. It has integrated low RDSON high and low side MOSFETs. The AP6502A enables continues load current of up to 2A with efficiency as high as 95%. The AP6502A features current mode control operation, which enables fast transient response times and easy loop stabilization. The AP6502A simplifies board layout and reduces space requirements with its high level of integration and minimal need for external components, making it ideal for distributed power architectures. The AP6502A is available in a standard Green SO-8EP package with exposed PAD for improved thermal performance and is RoHS compliant.


  • Gaming Consoles
  • Flat Screen TV Sets and Monitors
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Distributed Power Systems
  • Home Audio
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Network Systems
  • FPGA, DSP and ASIC Supplies
  • Green Electronics

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Compliance(Only Automotive supports PPAP) Standard
Efficiency (%) 95
Frequency Typ (Hz) 250
Frequency Typ (kHz) 250
HS RDS(ON) (mΩ) 130
HS RDS(ON) (mΩ) 130
LS RDS(ON) (mΩ) 130
LS RDS(ON) (mΩ) 130
MaximumInput Voltage (V) 23
Maximum Input Voltage (V) 23
Maximum Output Voltage (V) 20
MinimumInput Voltage (V) 4.75
Minimum Input Voltage (V) 4.75
Minimum Output Voltage (V) 0.925
Output Current (mA) 2
Output Current (A) 2
Output Voltage (V) 0.925 to 20
Quiescent Current Typ (mA) 0.6
Quiescent Current Typ (µA) 600
Shutdown Current Typ (µA) 0.3
Shutdown Current Typ (µA) 0.3
Type Buck

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