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AP3772H (Not Recommended for new design)

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The AP3772H is a high performance AC/DC power supply controller for battery charger and adapter applications. The device uses Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) method to build discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) flyback power supplies. The AP3772H provides accurate constant voltage, constant current (CV/CC) regulation without requiring an opto-coupler and the secondary control circuitry. It also eliminates the need of loop compensation circuitry while maintaining good stability. The AP3772H can achieve excellent regulation and high average efficiency, yet meets no-load consumption less than 30mW. It can also achieve excellent dynamic performance while maintaining 30mW standby power with AP4340. The AP3772H has a built-in fixed cable voltage drop compensation function. The magnitude of the cable compensation voltage is set as 3% of the rated output voltage. It also has an adjustable built-in line compensation function to achieve tight CC.


  • Primary Side Control for Tight Constant Current and Constant Voltage
  • 30mW No-load Input Power
  • Excellent Dynamic Performance with AP4340
  • Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Driving
  • Proprietary Adjustable Line Compensation for CC Variation
  • Constant and Built-in 6%, 3% and No Cable Voltage Drop Compensation
  • Enhanced Audio Noise Suppression
  • Open Circuit Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection


  • Adapters/Chargers for Cell/cordless Phones, PDAs, MP3 and Other Portable Devices
  • LED Driver
  • Standby and Auxiliary Power Supplies

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