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Image shown is for reference only. Actual package may vary. Refer to the product data sheet for package details.


Image shown is for reference only. Actual package may vary. Refer to the product data sheet for package details.

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The AL9910/A high voltage PWM LED driver-controller provides an efficient solution for offline high brightness LED lamps from rectified line voltages ranging from 85VAC up to 277VAC. The AL9910 drives external MOSFETs at switching frequencies up to 300kHz, with the switching frequency determined by a single resistor. The AL9910 topology creates a constant current through the LEDs providing constant light output. The output current is programmed by one external resistor and is ultimately determined by the external MOSFET chosen and therefore allows many low current LEDs to be driven as well as a few high current LEDs The LED brightness can be varied by both Linear and PWM dimming using the AL9910’s LD and PWM_D pins respectively. The PWM_D input operates with duty ratio of 0-100% and frequency of up to several kHz. The AL9910 can withstand input voltages up to 500V which makes it very resilient to transients at standard mains voltages. As well as standard SO-8 package the AL9910 is available in the thermally enhanced SO-8EP package.


  • >90% Efficiency
  • Universal rectified 85 to 277VAC input range
  • Input voltage surge ratings up to 500V
  • Internal voltage regulator removes start-up resistor o 7.5V MOSFET drive – AL9910 o 10V MOSFET drive – AL9910A
  • Constant-current LED driver
  • Applications from a few mA to more than 1A Output
  • PWM Low-Frequency Dimming via Enable pin
  • Internal Thermal Protection (OTP)
  • SO-8 and SO-8EP in “Green” Molding Compound (No Br, Sb)
  • Lead Free Finish/ RoHS Compliant


  • DC/DC or AC/DC LED Driver application
  • RGB Backlighting LED Driver
  • Back Lighting of Flat Panel Displays
  • General purpose constant current source
  • Signage and Decorative LED Lighting

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Minimum Input AC Voltage (VAC) 85
Maximum Input AC Voltage (VAC) 277
Maximum DC VDD (VDC) 500
LED Current (mA) External MOSFET
Frequency (kHz) 100
Accuracy (%) 10 %
Efficiency (%) 90 %
Dimming PWM to DC
SupplyCurrent (mA) 0.5 mA
Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 85, -40 to 105 °C

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