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TSSOP 24EP Type A1 B

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16-Channel, 16-Bit Grayscale PWM Dimming LED Driver

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The AL58263 is a 16-channel constant-current LED driver with 16-bit grayscale Adaptive Pulse Density Modulation (APDM) and supports error diagnostics, power-saving functionality, and current gain control. This distinctive APDM technology abates the non-ideal IOUT distortion due to non-symmetric transient responses and enhances the refresh rate by efficiently separating the frame waveform.

The device operates over a 3V to 5.5V input voltage range, 15V output channel voltage, fast 25MHz DCK input, and delivers up to 55mA of high-accuracy current to each LED string. Each channel’s output current can be programmable through a digital interface individually. All channels’ output current can be set by one external sensing resistor, along with a 6-bit global current control register.

The AL58263 has built-in diagnostics and LED open/short protection, including error detection. These error results are stored in a register for the MCU to read out.

The AL58263 is available in the TSSOP-24EP (Type A1-B) package and specified over the -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature range.


  • Input Voltage VDD: 3V to 5.5V
  • Output Current Range
    • 2~55mA/5V, 2~35mA/3.3V
    • ±0.1% Output current regulation capability
    • 6-bit global current control: from 12.5% to 200%
  • 16 Constant-Current Sink Output Channel
    • 16-bit grayscale resolution with Adaptive Pulse Density Modulation control
    • 15V rated output channels for long LED strings
    • Fast Transient Response – supports external grayscale clock with double edge up to 16MHz
    • ±1.5% (typ.) LED Current accuracy between channels
    • ±3% (typ.) LED Current accuracy between chips
    • Non-scramble waveform for high power LED application
    • Grayscale counter reset selection
    • Grayscale data synchronization selection
  • Diagnosis and Protections
    • Error detection includes LED Open, LED Short, Output port leakage, Output short-to-GND, Output short-to-Power and REXT short-to-GND
    • Error detection LEDs on at 0.1mA to avoid any flickering
    • Short detection threshold voltage selection (2/3/4/4.5V)
    • Sleep and 0-data mode to lower down the supply current
    • Pre-overtemperature warning
  • 4-Wire Serial Interface (LAT, DI, DO, DCK)
    • 25MHz clock frequency for data transfer
    • EMI reduction grayscale clock
    • Cascaded capability (Max 1,440 devices)
    • External GCK watchdog
    • Stagger outputs delay for EMI reduction
  • Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant (Notes 1 & 2)
  • Halogen and Antimony Free. “Green” Device (Note 3)
  • For automotive applications requiring specific change control (i.e. parts qualified to AEC-Q100/101/104/200, PPAP capable, and manufactured in IATF 16949 certified facilities), please contact us or your local Diodes representative. https://www.diodes.com/quality/product-definitions/


  • Indoor and outdoor LED video displays
  • Variable message signs (VMS)
  • Traffic signs
  • Outdoor billboard signage
  • LCD display backlighting

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

AEC Qualified No
Compliance (Only Automotive supports PPAP) Standard
Topology Linear LED Driver
Minimum Supply Voltage (V) 3 V
Maximum Supply Voltage (V) 5.5 V
Maximum VOUT (V) 15 V
Number of Channels 16
LED Current Sense Voltage (mV) N/A mV
Output Current (mA) 55 mA
Channel Max. Output Current (mA) 55 mA
Accuracy (%) 1.5 %
Dimming PWM dimming by Internal Register 16-bit
Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 85 °C

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