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AH921 (Not Recommended for new design)

NRND = Not Recommended for New Design

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The AH921 is a Hall-effect latch designed in mixed signal CMOS technology. It is quite suitable for use in automotive, industrial and consumer applications. Superior high-temperature performance is made possible through dynamic offset cancellation, which reduces the residual offset voltage normally caused by device over-molding, temperature dependencies, and thermal stress. The device integrates a voltage regulator, Hall-voltage generator, small-signal amplifier, chopper stabilization, schmitt trigger, and is directly drivable by the output. An on-board regulator permits operation with supply voltage from 3.5V to 24V.


  • Wide Operating Voltage Range from 3.5 to 24V
  • Symmetrical Switch Points
  • Chopper-stabilized Amplifier Stage
  • Superior Temperature Stability
  • Compact Size
  • Built-in Pull-up Resistor
  • ESD Rating: 3500V (Human Body Model)


  • Brushless DC Motor Commutation
  • Brushless DC Fan
  • Solid-state Switch
  • Revolution Counting
  • Speed Detection
  • High Sensitivity and Unconnected Switch

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Compliance (Only Automotive supports PPAP) No
Average Supply Current (µA) 3
Operating Ambient Temperature (°C) -40 to 125
Operating Point Bop (Bops +ve/ Bopn -ve) Gauss (Max) 40
Operating Point Bop (Bops +ve/ Bopn -ve) Gauss (Min) 5
Operating Point Bop (Bops +ve/ Bopn -ve) Gauss (Typ) 22
Operating Voltage (V) 3.5 to 25
Output Current Capability (mA) 25
Output Type Single, Internal Pull-Up Resistor, Active Low
AEC Qualified No
Release Point Brp (Brps +ve/Brpn -ve) Gauss (Max) -5
Release Point Brp (Brps +ve/Brpn -ve) Gauss (Min) -40
Release Point Brp (Brps +ve/Brpn -ve) Gauss (Typ) -22

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