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This product has been replaced by part number PI3VDP1430

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Product Description

The PI3VDP1430 provides the ability to use a Dual-mode DP transmitter in HDMI™ mode. This flexibility provides the user a choice of how to connect to their favorite display. All signal paths accept AC coupled video signals. The PI3VDP1430 converts this AC coupled signal into an HDMI rev 1.4a compliant signal with proper signal swing. This conversion is automatic and transparent to the user. The PI3VDP1430 supports up to 2.97Gbps, which provides stereo video functionality as described in the HDMI 1.4a specification


  • Converts low-swing AC coupled differential input to HDMI™rev 1.4a compliant open-drain current steering Rx terminated differential output
  • HDMI level shifting operation up to 2.97Gbps per lane 297MHz pixel clock) for stereo video
  • Integrated 50-ohm termination resistors for AC-coupled differential inputs.
  • Enable/Disable feature to turn off TMDS outputs to enter lowpower state.
  • 3.3 Power supply required.
  • Integrated ESD protection to 8kV contact on all | high speed
  • I/O pins (IN_x and OUT_x) per IEC61000-4-2 test spec, level 4
  • DDC level shifters from 5V from sink side down to 3.3V on source side
  • Level shifter for HPD signal from HDMI/DVI connector
  • Integrated pull-down on HPD_sink input guarantees "input low" when no display is plugged in
  • Packaging (Pb-Free & Green)

      – 48 TQFN, 7mm x 7mm (ZBE)

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Channels/In 4
Channels/Out 4
Inputs DP++
Ports/In 1
Outputs HDMI
Ports/Out 1
Speed (Gbps) 2.97
Power Supply 3.3
Type Redriver

Quality & Reliability

Technical Documents

Recommended Soldering Techniques

Additional Technical Documents are available upon request:
Application information, Evaluation board, and Other technical documents

Request Documents
Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
PI3VDP411LSAZBE Mouser Electronics Inc. 500 11/22/2017 Buy Now Americas
PI3VDP411LSAZBE Digi-Key Electronics 181 11/22/2017 Buy Now Americas
PI3VDP411LSAZBE Arrow Electronics 390 11/23/2017 Buy Now Americas
PI3VDP411LSRZBE Digi-Key Electronics 75 11/22/2017 Buy Now Americas
PI3VDP411LSZBE Avnet 260 11/22/2017 Buy Now Americas
PI3VDP411LSZBE Digi-Key Electronics 950 11/22/2017 Buy Now Americas
PI3VDP411LSZBE Mouser Electronics Inc. 506 11/22/2017 Buy Now Americas


Product Change Notices

PCN # Issue Date Subject
11-06 2011-01-03 MSL Level changed from MSL2 to MSL1 due to process improvement on TQFN-48 (ZB48) packages at Greatek.
11-13 2011-01-06 Copper wire qualification for copper bondwire process on TQFN (ZB48) package at Greatek assembly site completed.


Discontinued parts in this family

Obsolete Part # View PDN Package Comment Note
PI3VDP411LSTAZBE PDN 12-0016 ZB48 Contact Pericom Sales
PI3VDP411LSTAZBEX PDN 12-0016 ZB48 Contact Pericom Sales
PI3VDP411LSTZDE PDN 10-1102 ZD48 Contact Product Sales "See other Application Switch products"
PI3VDP411LSTZHE PDN 10-0502 ZH42 Contact Product Sales
PI3VDP411LSZDE PDN 10-1102 ZD48 Contact Product Sales "See other Application Switch products"
PI3VDP411LSZHE PDN 10-0101A ZH42 Contact Product Sales See other Application Switch products


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