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Clock Buffers

Diodes Incorporated provides a wide range of clock buffer ICs for your fanout or redundancy use. Diodes Incorporated portfolio covers the simplest fanout clock buffer to high-performance buffers with either differential (LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL, Low power HCSL) or single-ended (LVCMOS) fanout and zero-delay buffers.  Devices support a wide variety of output types and voltages – including 1.2 V, 1.5 V, 1.8 V, 2.5 V and 3.3 V– to match your application requirements. 

Diodes Incorporated also offers a large selection of oscillators to ensure the optimal pairing of clock and oscillator components in a clock tree at the right cost.

  • User-selectable differential clock buffers with low additive jitter and output types include LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL, and Low power HCSL.  More
  • Single-Ended Clock Buffers covers LVCMOS and LVTTL with different numbers of outputs. Supported power supplies from 1.2V to 3.3V.  More
  • Zero Delay Buffers consist of LVCMOS and PCIe clock buffers. Synchronous output clock signal without propagation delay.  More