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Adjustable DC-DC Boost Converter With Internal Switch

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The ZXLD1615 is a PFM inductive boost converter designed to provide output voltages of up to 28V from a 2.5V to 5.5V input supply. The ZXLD1615 includes the output switch and peak current sense resistor, and can provide up to 10mA output current at maximum output voltage. Higher current is available at lower output voltages. Quiescent current is typically 60μA and a shutdown function is provided to reduce this current to less than 100nA in the 'off' state. Nominal output voltage can be set up to a maximum of 28V by two external resistors and can be adjusted to lower values by a PWM control signal applied to the 'Enable' pin. Depending upon the control frequency, the PWM signal will provide either continuous (low ripple) or gated control. The PWM filter components are contained within the chip. Minimum output voltage is determined by the input supply. The device is assembled in a low profile TSOT25 pin package.


  • LCD and OLED bias
  • Cellular / mobile phones
  • Digital cameras
  • PDAs
  • LCD modules
  • Varactor and PIN diode bias
  • Palmtop computers

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

AEC Qualified No
Compliance (Only Automotive supports PPAP) Standard
Topologies (Buck) No
Topologies (Buck-Boost) No
Topologies (Boost) Yes
Topologies (Charge Pump) No
Minimum Input Voltage (V) 2.7
Maximum Input Voltage (V) 5.5
Maximum Output Voltage (V) 28
Maximum LED Current (A) 0.5
Switching Frequency Maximum (kHz) 1.025
Dimming (PWM) Yes
Dimming (Analog) No
Efficiency (%) 85
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 85
Quiescent Current Typ (mA) 0.06
AEC-Q100 Grade No

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PCN-2312 2018-04-11 2018-07-11 Qualification of Additional Bill of Materials (BOM), Top Marking, and Fab Source for Select Products