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PI7VD9004ABH (Not Recommended for new design)

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Product Description

PI7VD9004ABH is a built-in AEQ (AdaptiveEqualizer) 4-Channel Video Decoder and Audio Codec for video security and surveillance applications.

Video Decoder converts analog video composite signals (CBVS) to digital video formats (ITU-R BT.656). Diodes AEQ technology recovers degraded signals and delivers highly improved picture images to Video Processor, damaged by long distance cables, small wire gauge cables or low-end poor quality cables. In addition of Adaptive Comb Filter Y/C separation and Resilient sync-tip algorithm, AEQ video decoder products will delivers 2x picture image clarity with artificial noise reduction comparing to other conventional products

The video resolutions of NTSC/PAL and WD1(960H) are both supported with single 27MHz reference crystal clock frequency. The converted video streams are transported as the time multiplexed format to dual or quad-channel outputs. Each of audio channels contains 10-bit ADC. A built-in audio digital controller can generate I2S outputs for recording/mixing and accepts as the inputs for playback as well.


  • Video security DVR applications
  • Automotive infotainment system
  • Video server


  • High quality Live 4-Channel Video/Audio decoder with WD(960H) and NTSC/PAL camera support
  • Built-in Proprietary Adaptive Equalizer (AEQ) delivers
  • 2x Picture Image Clarity or 2x long distance cables with
  • Adaptive Comb Filter design optimized for weak, noisy, or unstable signal recovery
  • Saving installation cost by eliminating signal amplifier around the 500-800 meter Coax cable installation
  • Resilient Sync-tip detection to lock video signal in a noisy environment with programmable luminance peaking to enhance sharpness, hue, saturation, contrast, brightness supports
  • Flexible ITU-R BT.656 time multiplexed video outputs with 27/54/108 MHz or 36/72/144 MHz
  • Accepts NTSC(M), NTSC 4.43, PAL(B, D, G, H, I, M, Nc) and PAL60 with single 27 MHz reference clock
  • 4-Channel Composite Video or 2-channel S-video Inputs
  • Fully differential CMOS analog pre-processing channel with clamping
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) for the best signal tonoise performance. Switch to B/W mode while the input signal is weak. Complementary 5H adaptive comb filters for both cross-luma and cross-chroma noise reduction
  • Built-in 10-bit audio Codec to allow 5 audio inputs, single audio output with Mixed audio analog output for multiple audio channels
  • Two serial audio formats (I2S and DSP) are supported for recording/mixing output and playback input
  • Selectable Master and Slave serial audio interface
  • Support multiple audio sample rates for 8/16/32/44.1 /48 KHz audio frequency with Integrated video PLL for 108/144 MHz clock output
  • Low power consumption during operation or power-down mode
  • Two-wire serial interface(I2C) for brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and sharpness control
  • Suitable for dual sourcing Video Decoder platforms
  • Packages: 128-pin LQFP

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