Diodes Incorporated

Trademarks and Trade Names

Diodes Incorporated (Diodes) and its worldwide subsidiaries take proactive steps to preserve and protect our brand value and the goodwill associated with our trademarks, logos, and trade names. The instructions below as well as those contained in our Logo Use Guidelines must be complied with at all times when our trademarks, logos, and trade names are used.    

1. Legal and Trade Names

The legal name of the parent company in the United States is written as “Diodes Incorporated.” This is used interchangeably with “Diodes” as a trade name only when subsequent to an initial reference to “Diodes Incorporated.” Below are examples of correct and incorrect usage of our legal and trade names and their possessives.


Diodes Incorporated

Diodes Incorporated’s trademarks

Diodes (correct only when subsequent to an initial reference to "Diodes Incorporated")

Diodes' trademarks



Diodes, Incorporated

Diodes Inc.

Diodes Inc’s trademarks

Diodes products (incorrect as possessive)

 2. Legal and Trade Names of Subsidiaries

Diodes has numerous subsidiary corporations around the world. Each subsidiary corporation has its own distinctive legal name that should be used, without modification, in its business dealings. For a list of subsidiary names, please refer to our Annual Report available here.

 3. List of Trademarks

The below list of trademarks is provided for informational purposes only. Diodes may update the list from time to time and without notice. This list may not be comprehensive at any given time, and the omission of any trademarks or logos from the list does not represent any waiver of any intellectual property rights of Diodes or its subsidiaries in or to such trademarks or logos.

a. Registered Trademarks (in various countries)

- BCD® and affiliated BCD logos

- Diodes® Incorporated and the Diodes Incorporated logo


- d-PSR mark

- E-Line®

- HiFlex®

- IntelliFET® 

 - Pericom®, 百利通®, the Pericom logo, and the Pericom mark


- PowerDI®

- SBR®

- Super Barrier Rectifier3®

- Super E-Line®

- Zetex®, the Zetex logo, and the Zetex mark


- Zetex Semiconductors®, the Zetex Semiconductors logo, and the Zetex Semiconductors mark


b. Trademarks



- FlexOut™

- GreenPacket™

- ReDriver™

- SaRonix-eCera™

4. Usage Instructions:

  • Use the complete legal and trade name of Diodes and its subsidiaries;
  • Use the appropriate trademarks and logos of Diodes and its subsidiaries;
  • Include appropriate trademark acknowledgement and trademark ownership notices that identify Diodes as the owner of these trademarks and logos;
  • Recognize Diodes as the owner of these trademarks and logos, and that any goodwill derived from the use of these trademarks and logos belongs to and inures to the exclusive benefit of Diodes;
  • Do not incorporate Diodes’ trademarks or logos into your own company name, trade name, service name, trademark, or logo;
  • Do not adopt marks or logos that are confusingly similar to those of Diodes or have the effect of confusing or diverting existing and potential customers of Diodes;
  • Do not modify Diodes’ trademarks or logos, including but not limited to adding any prefix, suffix, or other symbols to Diodes’ trademarks or logos;
  • Do not interfere with Diodes’ rights in its trademarks and logos (examples of interference include disputing our use, registration of, or application to register these trademarks);
  • Use of Diodes’ trademarks and logos requires appropriate license agreements with Diodes unless such use is otherwise permitted by applicable laws and consistent with these instructions;
  • Any references to Diodes’ trade names, trademarks, and logos must be accurate, truthful, fair, not misleading, and not disparaging to Diodes in any way; and
  • Diodes reserves the right to modify these instructions from time to time at its sole discretion. Additional usages guidelines may apply.

5. Third Party Trademarks and Trade Names

The Diodes website (www.diodes.com) and its subpages may contain trademarks, trade names, logos, and product names of other third parties. These belong to their respective owners, are not owned by Diodes, and are included for identification purposes only. No license or right in or to such marks or names is granted by Diodes, and the use of any such marks or names may require separate license from those third parties.