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Two-Wire Hall Effect Switches

Diodes Incorporated offers a wide portfolio of Automotive-compliant switches, including a line of Two-wire Hall Switches available as Unipolar switches and as Latches.

The two-wire hall switches are designed for the position and proximity sensing in automotive applications such as seatbelt buckle, gear position, wiper, door/trunk closure, etc.  Utilizing only 2 wires helps to reduce system cost when the wire harness is long and can be more resilient to noise spikes.

The AH327xQ/8xQ are latches and AH323xQ/4xQ are unipolar switches.

The AH324xQ and AH328xQ have integrated self-diagnostics (which monitors main device blocks, supply voltage, and temperature) with a third output state. This enables them to support ISO 26262 system integrations.