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Understanding the Demands on Hall Sensors for Automotive Applications

The demand for compact, accurate position sensors in automotive applications will grow substantially to $1.6 billion by 2026, in line with the growth in electric vehicles (Figure 1). These sensors track the rotor’s position inside the motor responsible for traction, power steering, and windows; ensuring control and safety coverage.

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Improving Power Conversion Efficiency with Super Barrier Rectifiers

For the design of almost any electronics or electrical system, it’s important to maximise power efficiency. In mobile devices, better power efficiency delivers longer battery life, which is a key selling point. For basically any application, improving power efficiency means that size and weight can be reduced, and thermal management simplified – thus reducing costs. Of course, using less power also helps products to meet energy rating requirements, which may be a legal requirement, and an attractive feature for customers.

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Making Switches Smarter with True Micropower Hall Effect Sensors

Linear Hall effect sensors can bring valuable advantages to consumer technology and Internet of Things applications, but must achieve a significant reduction in power consumption in order to meet the expectations of equipment designers and end users

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