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Social Responsibility

Sustainable Products

We are privileged to partner with our customers in building sustainable products and applications that contribute to the health and well-being of our communities, and our planet. Our semiconductor devices can be incorporated into a wide range of applications, including energy-efficient products that are used in factories, transportation, electric and hybrid vehicles, vehicle charging stations, LED lighting, smart home technologies, green electronics, and telehealth medical equipment, as well as products used for energy saving and pollution elimination purposes. We collaborate with our customers in the development of sustainable products to help them and their customers reduce their overall carbon footprint. Examples of our collaborative efforts on green factory automation and green-energy initiatives include robotics, automated QR scanners, and products used in solar cell systems, wind power generators and the conversion to full electric vehicle systems.

At Diodes, we innovate products that optimize end application performance with enhanced power and energy-saving features. In 2021, we announced an ultra-high-power-density (UHPD) charger solution developed to provide users with a more portable, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly option for charger design. This innovative product won a Company Award in the Featured Energy-Saving Power Semiconductor Provider category at the inaugural EE Awards Asia.

Business Ethics

Diodes is committed to operating with a strong sense of integrity, critical to maintaining trust and credibility with our stakeholders. We believe that long-term, trusting business relationships are built by being honest, open, and fair. We are committed to fostering a culture of integrity that starts with the management team modelling the right way and employees doing the right thing across all levels of the organization. Our promise is to uphold high professional standards in all of our global business operations and also expect the same from our vendors and suppliers. These values are embedded in our policies and are applicable to all employees, suppliers, and third parties with whom we partner:

Diodes employees are required to familiarize themselves with the Code of Business Conduct and related policies and procedures. New employees, as part of the onboarding process, are required to acknowledge certain policies and procedures including our Code of Business Conduct. Each year, employees are required to formally acknowledge that they have read and will comply with the Code of Business Conduct. This mechanism helps increase awareness of acceptable business conduct and allows us to deal with issues as they arise.

In 2019, we launched a web-based Ethics and Code of Conduct course intended for 100% of our employees worldwide. Since then, we have provided additional online courses covering topics such as Cybersecurity, Anti-Harassment, and Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption.  In 2021 we conducted online training on topics such as Antitrust and Bribery, Diversity & Inclusion and Whistleblowers to our employees worldwide; and, on average, achieved an approximately 98% training completion rate. We will continue to utilize the online global employee training programs to increase awareness of and promote ethical business conduct as we strive for zero ethics violations.

Diodes' core values are incorporated in the expectation of integrity, honesty, and fairness in our business dealings. Our “Open Door” policy is a key element of supporting this expectation, and is reflected in our accounting, internal controls, and auditing practices.

Employees are encouraged to speak up without fear of retaliation or repercussions.  Managers are accountable for maintaining a work environment where employees feel comfortable to express their concerns freely.  Employees have access to a number of reporting channels, including reporting to their supervisors, Human Resources and Legal and Compliance departments, as well as our hot line service, to communicate incidents or suspected incidents of misconduct. Employees and our external stakeholders can utilize the hotline operated by an independent, external service company to express concerns if they experience or suspect a breach of business ethics or possible violations of our Code of Business Conduct or Code of Supplier Conduct or related polices.  Interested parties have the option to report their concerns anonymously via this third-party service.  We are not formally tracking any in-person or in-office visits by employees who report concerns and we utilize the external service company to monitor and track incoming reports.

The telephone hotline is designed to give employees, suppliers, customers, and others with whom we partner a way to anonymously and confidentially report suspected violations of our standards of conduct, policies, laws, or regulations regarding any questionable accounting, internal controls, or auditing matters. Additionally, reporting can be made online at: https://reportlineweb.com/diodes. The telephone hotline service supports reports in English as well as languages common to our areas of operation.

All hotline reports received are reviewed and evaluated by a committee comprised of representatives from the Audit, Finance, Operations and Legal & Compliance functions to determine the appropriate action to address the allegation. If warranted, an investigation is undertaken to determine the validity of the allegation and to identify appropriate actions to be taken as a result of the investigation. We utilize these reports to help manage and identify potential areas of ethical risks and business misconduct, assess the effectiveness of our ethics and compliance trainings, and to drive continuous improvement.


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Combating Corruption and Bribery

Bribery and corruption are key social concerns that affect our society, public service, and government accountability. Bribery and corruption also increase the cost of doing business and negatively impact companies’ ability to compete fairly on a level playing field. According to the Corruption Perception Index companies operating in countries with higher tolerance for corruption have increased fraud and compliance risks associated with bribery and corruption. One of Diodes’ Core Values is Integrity. Diodes takes a strong stance against bribery and corruption. We prohibit any illegal offers that may inappropriately influence business decisions. Our employees, suppliers, and business partners are expected to comply with these standards of business conduct. Diodes’ products are offered, purchased, and sold based on the strength of our product portfolio, quality, price, customer support, and other competitive business considerations. Our reputation as an ethical and trustworthy employer, supplier, and business partner is, in part, dependent on our ability to effectively manage this legal compliance area. 

We take a compliance-driven approach to monitor and manage this risk area, including internal policies and company-wide corporate ethics training; and we investigate any allegations of violations of these requirements. In our Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy , we address anti-corruption and anti-bribery compliance requirements, consistent with those contained in the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act, and other applicable local anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations.



Every employee, officer, and director of Diodes is required to comply with the Diodes Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy and the applicable laws and regulations relating to bribery and corruption. It is each employee, officer, and director’s responsibility to promptly notify the corporate audit director and legal department of any disclosures required by the policy. Diodes has not sought to obtain independent accreditation of its anti-bribery or anti-corruption program. However, we utilize third-party expertise as part of fraud risk assessments of our operations to identify areas of potential vulnerabilities and to strengthen internal controls. During the 2019, 2020, and 2021 reporting years, no events requiring external reporting in this area occurred within Diodes.

We periodically review and update our global Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy to keep pace with the evolving business environment, changes in the legal and regulatory requirements, and expectations of stakeholders. This policy offers the needed guidance for our employees around the world and prescribes expectations for our suppliers and other business partners.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

With the advancement and widespread use of information and communications technologies comes an increased cybersecurity threat. We regularly assess our corporate environment readiness against external cyberattacks and insider threats, and we implement corporate-wide measures to protect data and preserve data privacy.  In addition to complying with applicable data protection and security laws and regulations, we also implement cybersecurity and data protection measures to safeguard our assets, including our intellectual property assets, and to protect our customers’ data. Our policies and procedures focus on protecting our data and our stakeholders’ data from unauthorized disclosures, use or access, and include monitoring mechanisms to prevent unauthorized intrusion into our network and identify vulnerabilities against potential cyberattacks. These risk-based cybersecurity measures help to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of our data. Regardless of where the data resides, we apply appropriate safeguards to ensure a sustainable and robust corporate environment in the interest of our stakeholders.

Compliance with the company’s Information Technology Security Policy and IT Computing Policy is required of our employees and contractors who have access to our networks. We raise awareness about the importance of data protection and cybersecurity with our employees through required training, and inform our stakeholders of our privacy policy. We expect our suppliers to implement cybersecurity measures as well as business continuity planning to ensure we have a resilient supply chain and to minimize any business interruption that may be caused as a result of any data breaches or cyber incidents experienced by our suppliers. Where possible, we also adopt industry standard contractual protections in our business engagements. 

The global legal and regulatory landscape regarding data protection, privacy and cybersecurity is constantly evolving and we continue to monitor this changing environment to strengthen our compliance. We respect the data and privacy of our stakeholders. Any questions regarding our data protection and security practice can be directed to compliance@diodes.com.


Community Engagement

We embrace partnering with the communities in which we operate and strive to make a positive impact in the communities where our employees live and work. Through our community service, we aim to foster a relationship of trusted partnership with our local communities, provide a more engaged workforce and contribute to building a resilient society for a sustainable future. Our employees are involved in supporting local communities through employee volunteerism, whether in areas of disaster relief, environment, promotion of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, or involvement in local charitable organizations.

Diodes’ Greenock’s Gerry McCarthy, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Diodes European President Tim Monaghan tour Diodes’ GFAB plant

As a member of Tech Titans®, the Technology Association for North Texas, we collaborate with the technology community in the Dallas Fort-Worth area to promote STEM education and fuel innovation, and also contribute financially to the Tech Titans® STEM Fund to support its various STEM initiatives.

Through various corporate sponsored STEM programs, our employees in the U.K. actively participate in local schools and colleges in events such as Industry Days, Generation Science Fair, Apprenticeship Job Fairs and science competitions.  Passionate about a career in engineering, our employees host various presentations, science experiments, workshops and school visits to promote the engineering profession and help students with mock interviews and work placements. Our communities embrace our efforts in promoting STEM and there is high demand for onsite visits to our Greenock facility to allow students to explore the world of semiconductors. 

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In our UK sites, STEM Ambassadors are selected from our engineering team to proactively engage with students and teachers. The close community engagement strengthened by our Apprenticeship program in the U.K. has provided Diodes with access to high caliber engineering talent in both product engineering and facility technicians. In partnership with the U.K. Engineering Development Trust, our team in Oldham takes part in “Year in Industry” placements for the local community and provides mentoring to students while they work on real world projects facilitated by Diodes. 

In 2021, a group of 12 engineering apprentices and graduates from Diodes came together to climb Ben Lomond, one of Scotland’s most famous peaks, and collectively raised £2,550 for the Beatson Cancer Charity, which, coupled with the donations from the Diodes Community Fund, contributed over £3,000 to support cancer research and patients.  This fundraising effort was included in a Parliamentary motion of the Scottish Parliament.

In Taiwan, our employees organized charity sales around Christmas time in 2021 and raised NT$16,000 to support the Child Welfare League Foundation.


In recognition of our community engagement, we have received various awards and acknowledgements in recent years, including: 

    Outstanding Community Service Awards from the Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE)/ USA, Dallas –Fort Worth Chapter 

Outstanding Community Service Award from the Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE)/ USA, Dallas –Fort Worth Chapter

    Corporate Friend Awards in appreciation for the support for the Asian American Community from the DFW Asian-American Citizens Council (DFW AACC)

    Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Community Service from the Office of the Mayor, City of Richardson, Texas

    Chairman’s Award issued by the Center for Engineering Education & Development (CeeD) recognizing Diodes Greenock facility’s high performance and ongoing investment into workforce engagement and development

    Multiple “High Performance Corporate Enterprise for Employment of Foreign Worker” awards issued by the Taiwan Taoyuan government

    Certificate of Appreciation recognizing Diodes’ support of Long Term Care of People in Vegetative State issued by the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation in Taiwan 

    Certificate of Appreciation recognizing Diodes’ support of the Disadvantaged Groups issued by the Taoyuan Guanyin Kind Garden Organization in Taiwan 

    Certificates of Appreciation recognizing Diodes’ support of the people of disabilities issued by various disability welfare organizations such as the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Chin Jen Disability Welfare Foundation, and Chenshenmei Social Welfare Foundation in Taiwan 

    Certificate of Appreciation recognizing Diodes’ support of activities establishing the funding for Elderly Care issued by Mennonite Christian Hospital in Taiwan 

    Certificate of Appreciation Diodes’ support of medical care in remote areas issued by the St. Mary’s Hospital in Taiwan 

Our U.K. operations and key employee representatives have been widely recognized as recipients of various awards such as The Manufacturer Top 100, Queens Award for Enterprise Promotion, Engineering Employers Association Leadership Award, Oldham Civic Award and Oldham Outstanding Contribution Award. In addition to our corporate community efforts, the various awards received by our employees are a strong testament to their individual professional contributions as Diodes employees. For example, Dr. Gerry McCarthy, managing director of our Greenock facility, was awarded the President’s Award in the Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce Bee’s Knees Business Awards, in recognition of his special and significant contribution to the Inverclyde business community.


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Charitable Giving

As a global company, we share the common goal of helping build a sustainable society and take steps to promote the welfare of others in the communities of which we are a part. 

Our employees take the initiative to be involved in various local and national charities. For example, the employees in Oldham, U.K. participated in fund raising activities for Maggie’s Cancer Charity, British Heart Foundation and Dr. Kershaw’s Hospice. During the Christmas season, the employees in our Greenock, U.K. facility donated more than 200 gifts through the Salvation Army’s Christmas Appeal, and the Diodes Community Care Team organized Christmas lunches to raise funds for local charities supporting the disadvantaged community in Inverclyde, Scotland such as Starter Pack, Children in Poverty, and IRH Renal Unit. Also during the holidays, our employees in Taiwan organized charity sales and raised NT$16,000 to support the Child Welfare League Foundation.

In addition to employee volunteerism and their charitable giving, as a company, we provide financial support where we can. For example, we provided financial contribution to the Taiwan Vox Nativa Association, an organization dedicated to improving the educational success of indigenous students. In addition to the periodic financial support provided to the Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE), particularly the various technical symposiums hosted by CIE, we also provide periodic financial contribution to the Taiwan National Cheng Kung University Electrical Engineering (NCKUEE) Alumni Association to support the promotion of STEM education through the Department of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Microelectronics and Institute of Computer and Communication Engineering.  

As a good corporate citizen, we support sustainable community rebuilding and humanitarian projects in areas affected by natural disasters. In recent years, we provided financial contribution through The Red Cross Society of Taiwan to support disaster relief efforts in disaster stricken areas in Japan. 

In 2021, a group of 12 engineering apprentices and graduates from Diodes came together to climb Ben Lomond, one of Scotland’s most famous peaks, and collectively raised £2,550 for the Beatson Cancer Charity. This achievement, coupled with the donations from the Diodes Community Fund, contributed over £3,000 to support cancer research and patients. This fundraising effort was included in a Parliamentary motion of the Scottish Parliament.