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Our experienced design team has created popular functions in four major logic families. Very low power AUP products are available to save milliwatts and extend battery life. The LVC family is an industry-standard that has the drive and speed to work well in many demanding applications. HC and AHC legacy parts are re-engineered on advanced wafer processes allowing for a continuous product supply well into the future.

We provide an assortment of small package options, allowing manufacturers to choose a size and lead pitch that will be compatible with their standard manufacturing processes. Most of the logic products are assembled in our proprietary factories, which enables direct control of quality and cost along with the dedicated capacity to meet customer needs. While logic is often considered a commodity device, our miniature package offerings enable the advancement of the next generation of tiny portable consumer products.

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  • 雙閘

    Diodes 公司提供出色的雙閘邏輯裝置,設計採用 DFN 封裝選項,可順應現今的精密產品,將更多的功能封裝於大幅縮小的空間裡。

  • 單閘

    Diodes 公司提供出色的單閘邏輯裝置,設計採用 DFN 封裝選項,可順應現今的精密產品,將更多的功能封裝於大幅縮小的空間裡。 More

  • 標準邏輯

  • 電壓轉換器

  • 類比開關

  • 介面邏輯

    Diodes 為記憶體模組提供高速電壓轉換器、效能邏輯及其他特殊介面 IC 解決方案。這些產品具備高效能 5 V、3.3 V、2.5 V 及 1.8 V 特性,其傳輸延遲低於 2.0ns,支援 8-bit、16-bit、18-bit 及 32-bit 功能。邏輯介面系列產品具備高效能 5 V、3.3 V、2.5 V 及 1.8 V 特性,其傳輸延遲低於 2.0ns。此系列產品支援 8-bit、16-bit、18-bit、24-bit 及 32-bit 功能,並具備電壓轉換器效能組合。 More