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Performance (SBR)


A focus on advancement of technology, innovative products and collaboration with customers from design to production has resulted in Diodes Incorporated's SBR portfolio's continual market adoption and increasing market share.

SBR, the next generation of Schottky rectifier products, is a proprietary and patented Diodes Incorporated technology that utilizes a MOS manufacturing process (traditional Schottky uses a bipolar process) to create a superior two terminal device that has a lower forward voltage (VF) than comparable Schottky diodes while possessing the thermal stability and high reliability characteristics of PN epitaxial diodes.


SBR diodes are designed for high power, low loss and fast switching applications. The presence of a MOS channel within its structure forms a low potential barrier for the majority carriers, thus SBR's forward bias operation at low voltage is similar to Schottky diode. However, the leakage current is lower than Schottky diode in reverse bias due to the overlap of the P-N depletion layers and the absence of potential barrier reduction due to the image charge.

The Diodes SBR portfolio is ideally suited to meet the circuit requirements of:

- Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
- Buck/Boost Diodes for DC-DC Conversion
- Battery Chargers
- Reverse Polarity Protection
- Solar Panels
- LED Lighting
- Automotive Applications


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  • 超級勢壘整流器 (SBR)

  • 車用SBR

    Diodes 公司所推出的超級勢壘整流器 (SBR®) 系列,均已達到 AECQ101 高可靠性汽車標準,提供了合乎 PPAP 等級 3 文件的規格。零件經過 100% 突崩測試,證明一旦與他牌的蕭特基替代產品相互比較,反向突崩功能高出 3 到 10 倍之多。 More