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Current Monitors

Current Monitors


Diodes Incorporated's current monitors are high-performance, high-side referred current measurement ICs. They greatly simplify the measurement of load currents without disturbing the ground plane/reference point.

The current monitor families contain variants with quiescent currents as low as 3µA, and others with operating voltages up to 60V, proving solutions for Li-Ion current measurement to over-current detection in industrial and automotive applications.


  • 電流輸出

    這些裝置可將測量到的電流轉換為接地參考輸出,大幅簡化了高側電流的測量。 More

  • 電壓輸出

    這些裝置可將測量到的電流轉換為接地參考輸出電壓,大幅簡化了高側電流的測量。 More