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Overcoming Advanced Signaling Integrity Issues in High-Speed Systems

As signaling rates continue to increase, maintaining signal integrity has become a much greater challenge for developers. Migrating a system to a next-generation interface operating at 8, 10, or 12 Gbps brings with it increased sensitivity to attenuation and jitter that can severely curtail reach and reliability.

Developers must also take into account the impact process technology migration has on output signal drive. For small format platforms like cell phones and other consumer electronics devices that use highly integrated, ultra-low power SoCs, addressing signaling integrity through careful design is even more critical.

Our in-depth white paper shows how you can improve signal integrity across longer channel lengths and in the presence of greater environmental noise using Diodes Incorporated's (Pericom Product Line) PI3EQX family of ReDrivers.


View the overcoming advanced signal integrity issues in high-speed systems whitepaper.