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Top 3 Essential Technologies for Ultra-mobile, Portable Embedded Systems

USB’s new universal Type-C connector, charging profiles, and super high speeds needing redrivers are among the change you’re carrying in your pocket.

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GHz Timing Giving You the Jitters? Three Things You Need to Know

Clock jitter can adversely affect high-speed protocols such as Ethernet, PCI Express and USB 3.0. You can calm your system down knowing these three simple points.

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USB Type-C is Coming: 3 Things You’ve Just Gotta Know

With its “insert either way” simplicity and legacy channel transport, Type-C is the last connector a user will ever need. But the burden’s now on the designer to understand Type-C.

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Top 3 Uses for PCI Express Switches

PCIe Gen2 (Gen3 is still ramping up) is about as common on digital PCBs as is a terminal block or pin header. Nearly every CPU, MCU, fast peripheral, bus or nonvolatile (NV) memory sports PCIe. To connect all of these “dots” together requires a PCI Express switch or one of the creative variations thereof.

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Protocol-agnostic Signal Switches Simplify Designs

From PCIe to HDMI to DDR3, good quality signal switches can route your data and simplify designs—if you know how to use them.

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Signal Integrity in a GHz World

Two sets of dynamics are on a collision course making an often overlooked technical detail—signal integrity on PCBs, cables, connectors, and IC chip sets—more important than ever. When clocks and switching speeds were in the hundreds of megahertz, digital signals implemented in standards like 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0, SCSI, PCI and others behaved as expected and systems functioned per spec.

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Driving The Digital Car With Analog Components

Today’s new cars get decent mileage, are relatively safe and are considered stylish, so auto OEMs must add something special to stand out.  Car tech is the cornerstone differentiator of many automobile companies’ product offerings. Lately the “killer features” that consumers want and will pay extra for include tech packages such as: an in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system with smartphone integration, rear seat LCDs, and all-around cameras for safety.

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One to Many: PCI Express Begs to be Bridged

Outside the box USB is ubiquitous; inside the box? It’s PCI Express. Here’s why it’s essential to bridge PCIe to all kinds of digital channels like USB.

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How to improve analog video using adaptive equalization in multi-channel surveillance systems

Despite the trend towards IPTV and VoIP, most CCTV surveillance cameras are analog. Signals degrade quickly and quality suffers. Here’s the fix.

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