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Simplify Your Embedded Designs Using I²C I/O Expanders

The I²C two-wire bus is still as popular today as when Philips originally invented it in 1982. Initially operating at 100KHz, the latest incarnation, version 7 (2021) Ultra-Fast-mode (UFm), now clocks at 5MHz—making it fast enough for most medium-speed peripherals, including digital I/O, GPIO, keyboards, keypads, and sensors.

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BoM and PCB Space Savings Achieved with Control Channel Aggregation for Optical Interfaces

Fibre optic networks bring the promise of fast broadband to new customers all around the world. It increasingly reaches new limits, but to provide a guaranteed level of service, that bandwidth must be managed effectively. A significant factor to that effectiveness is how it interfaces with other network equipment running over copper cable.

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Three Reasons Your Design Needs I²C I/O Expanders

The 2-wire I²C bus is an incredibly useful way to add all kinds of low-speed I/O besides I²C while simplifying designs and trace routing.

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