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Electrical Threats to USB Type C Ports and How to Prevent Them

USB Type-C 連接埠的電氣風險及防範方式

By: Muhammad Zafar Kausar, Junior Applications Engineer

Markets of all types – such as consumer, industrial, and medical – demand smaller, slimmer devices that deliver faster performance, more features, and extra flexibility. The latest USB Type-C® (or USB-C®) interface and Power Delivery (USB PD) specifications are part of the industry’s response to these demands.

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The Complexities of USB Type C and How to Handle Them

USB Type-C 的複雜性與操作方式

作者:初級應用工程師 Muhammad Zafar Kausar

90年代中期問世的通用序列匯流排 (USB),現在已成為一種便利又普遍的互連技術,它簡化了將個人電腦和周邊裝置 (像是印表機、掃描器和鍵盤) 連接線材的數量和多樣性。

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