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Blog page thumbnail Harnessing PCIe 3.0 for In Vehicle High Speed Connections

Harnessing PCIe® 3.0 For In-Vehicle High-Speed Connections

As cars increasingly add new electronic capabilities and applications (such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), intelligent cockpits, telematics, and infotainment), the in-vehicle systems must keep up.

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pcie 3.0 packet switches are evolving to address power and performance concious applications

PCIe 3.0 封包交換器持續演進,以應對注重功耗和性能的應用

作者:Jen Lee,營銷總監

PCI Express ®(或 PCIe ®)架構已成為服務器和存儲應用中首選的互連標準。雲基礎設施、邊緣設備、電信網絡、5G 基礎設施、嵌入式系統和移動應用程序中越來越多的面向性能的計算需求也依賴於 PCIe。

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