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pcie 3.0 packet switches are evolving to address power and performance concious applications

PCIe 3.0 Packet Switches are Evolving to Address Power- and Performance-Conscious Applications

By: Jen Lee, Marketing Director

The PCI Express® (or PCIe®) architecture has become the preferred interconnect standard in server and storage applications. The growing variety of performance-oriented computing demands in cloud infrastructure, edge devices, telecom networks, 5G infrastructure, embedded systems, and mobile applications also rely on PCIe.

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Why PCIe2.0 packet switches video cover photo

為什麼 PCIe 2.0 封包交換器是傳統設計的安全選項,也是新產品可持續使用的選擇

作者:行銷總監 Jen Leector

隨著新版本標準獲得正式批准,數以千計的 OEM 業者賴以為生的方式,是為可能已成為舊型產品的裝置持續提供支援。

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