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  • Corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSER) is of paramount importance at Diodes Incorporated. It is represented in our core values of integrity, commitment, and innovation.   More
  • Diodes 公司致力於向同意以符合社會責任方式經營供應鏈之廠商採購產品。  More
  • Diodes Incorporated爭議性礦產聲明、報告。  More
  • Diodes United Kingdom Group's tax strategy in relation to its approach to conducting its UK tax affairs and dealing with UK tax risk is summarized here.  More
  • We meet the statutory reporting threshold and therefore under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information).  More
  • Diodes Incorporated conducts business in accordance with its core values of integrity, commitment, and innovation.  More
  • Diodes Incorporated is committed to the protection and preservation of the environment and a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.   More
  • View Diodes Incorporated's completed Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Validated Audits.   More