Diodes Incorporated

Voltage References

Offered in a choice of space-saving packages, our voltage references provide the opportunity to reduce power consumption and increase operating temperature. These devices offer the industry-standard LM4040 types, as well as several options for more demanding applications. Reference voltages from 1.22V to 5V are available with tolerances down to 0.5%.

Our shunt voltage regulator portfolio includes 2.5V, 1.24V, and 0.6V reference voltage devices covering consumer, computing, industrial, and automotive applications. It features:

  • The industry standard TL431 and TL432 equivalents
  • Footprint-compatible, very low minimum (knee) current for the latest low-standby power-isolated power supplies
  • Well-enhanced operating voltage range for TLV431 (1.24V) equivalents
  • Operating temperatures of up to 125°C as standard (for all 2.5V and 1.24V devices), therefore reducing the number of variants that need to be qualified and stocked

Automotive-compliant variants are available, which are qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 1 in IATF 16949 facilities supporting PPAP documentation.