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3.6A 12V Resettable Electronic Fuse

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The NIS5132 is a self-protected resettable electronic fuse designed for consumer applications such as hard disk drive to industrial application to enhance system reliability against catastrophic and shutdown failures.
To support a wide range of demanding applications, the design has been optimized to operate over the supply range of 9.0V to 18V. For robustness and protections, the device integrates a low RDS(ON) NMOS buffer power device along with an under voltage lockout, overvoltage clamp, a current limit, a dv/dt control and a thermal shutdown circuits. The overvoltage circuit limits the output voltage without shutting the device down to allow the load to continue operating during over voltage. Thermal shutdown can be either latching type (NIS5132MN1) or auto-retry type (NIS5132MN2).


  • Hard drives
  • Mother board power management
  • Printer load power management


  • 9.0 to 18V operating input voltage
  • Integrated NMOS power device with RDS(ON) of 30mΩ typical
  • Internal current limit - no external current sense resistor in load path
  • Under voltage lockout
  • Over voltage clamp (NIS5132MN1 and NIS5132MN2)
  • Thermal shutdown
  • -40°C to +150°C operating junction temperature
  • ESD ratings : HBM > 1500V; MM 200V
  • Small low profile U-DFN3030-10 packages
  • Lead-Free Finish; RoHS Compliant 
  • Halogen and Antimony Free. “Green” Device

Product Specifications

Product Specs

RDS(ON) 30
Thermal Shutdown 175
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Quality & Reliability

Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
NIS5132MN1-FN-7 Mouser Electronics Inc. 2680 2/21/2017 Buy Now Americas
NIS5132MN1-FN-7 Future Electronics - Europe 3000 2/21/2017 Buy Now Europe, Middle East, Africa
NIS5132MN1-FN-7 Digi-Key Electronics 5973 2/21/2017 Buy Now Americas
NIS5132MN1-FN-7 Arrow Electronics 23 2/22/2017 Buy Now Americas
NIS5132MN2-FN-7 Mouser Electronics Inc. 2482 2/21/2017 Buy Now Americas
NIS5132MN2-FN-7 Arrow Electronics 6000 2/22/2017 Buy Now Americas
NIS5132MN2-FN-7 Digi-Key Electronics 2938 2/21/2017 Buy Now Americas
NIS5132MN2-FN-7 Arrow Electronics 14940 2/22/2017 Buy Now Americas