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This is a Boost LED driver designed drive white LED with constant current. It can drive 2 ~ 6 LED in a series connection from a single Li-Ion cell ensuring uniform brightness in small screen backlighting applications. The device also supports a single feedback of parallel connected multiple strings of LEDs for driving higher number of LEDs. It is available in SOT26, low profile TSOT26 and the extremely thin and small footprint U-DFN2020-6 Type C.


  • Portable Navigation Device/GPS receiver,
  • PMP4 player,
  • Portable Media Players,
  • Digital Photo Frames,
  • Digital Radio Displays,
  • Mobile phones/PDA

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Function PWM Boost LED Driver
Minimum Input Voltage 2.7 V
Maximum Input Voltage 5.5 V
Maximum Output Voltage 26 V
Number of Regulated Output Channels 1
Maximum Output Current per Channel 40 mA
Typical Over-Current Protection Current 750 mA
Switching Frequency 1.4 MHz
Efficiency 84 %
Quiescent Current 0.5 mA
Standby Quiescent Current 1 µA
SW RDS(ON) 0.75 Ω
Dimming PWM
Soft Start Yes
VFB 100 V
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 85 °C

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Recommended Soldering Techniques
Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
AP5724FDCG-7 Arrow Electronics 748 3/22/2019 Buy Now Americas
AP5724FDCG-7 Arrow Electronics Central EU 3000 3/22/2019 Buy Now Europe, Middle East, Africa
AP5724FDCG-7 Digi-Key Electronics 5725 3/22/2019 Buy Now Americas
AP5724FDCG-7 Mouser Electronics Inc. 5348 3/22/2019 Buy Now Americas
AP5724FDCG-7 Avnet 3000 3/21/2019 Buy Now Americas
AP5724WG-7 Arrow Electronics 254 3/22/2019 Buy Now Americas
AP5724WG-7 Avnet 14 3/21/2019 Buy Now Americas