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Diodes Pericom: A product line of Diodes Incorporated


This MOSFET has been designed to minimize the on-state resistance (RDS(ON)) and yet maintain superior switching performance, making it ideal for high efficiency power management applications.


  • General Purpose Interfacing Switch
  • Power Management Functions
  • Analog Switch

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Qualified to AECQ10x Yes
Automotive Compliant PPAP On Request*
Polarity P
ESD Diodes Yes Y/N
VDS 30 V
VGS 10 ±V
IDS @ TA = +25°C 0.2 A
PD @ TA = +25°C N/A W
RDS(ON) Max @ VGS (10V) N/A mΩ
RDS(ON) Max @ VGS (4.5V) 5000 mΩ
RDS(ON) Max @ VGS (2.5V) 6000 mΩ
VGS (th) Max 1 V
CISS Typ 22.5 pF
CISS Condition [@VDS] N/A V
QG Typ @ VGS = 4.5V (nC) 0.35
QG Typ @ VGS = 10V (nC) N/A

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Recommended Soldering Techniques
Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
DMP32D9UFZ-7B Arrow Electronics Central EU 10000 7/22/2019 Buy Now Europe, Middle East, Africa
DMP32D9UFZ-7B Digi-Key Electronics 11557 7/22/2019 Buy Now Americas
DMP32D9UFZ-7B Mouser Electronics Inc. 17830 7/22/2019 Buy Now Americas