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Diodes Incorporated’s P-channel MOSFETs are enabled for optimization of end applications, enabling consumer, as well as computer and communication product designs. Down to Diodes’ all in-house packaging, utilizing environmentally ‘green’ mold compound, P-channel MOSFETs offer a competitive edge over the competition.

Diodes’ P-channel products range in voltage from 8V to 29V, 30V, 31V-99V and ≥100V, allowing for specific options for optimum performance.

15 Minutes with Diodes - Reverse Polarity Protection

  • Using MOSFETs to Ensure Reverse Polarity Protection in Applications


  • Diodes' 8V to 29V P-Channel MOSFETs are enabled for the optimization of end applications.  More
  • Diodes’ P-Channel 30V MOSFETs maintain superior switching performance, making them ideal for high-efficiency power management applications.   More
  • Diodes’ P-Channel products from 31V-99V allow for these MOSFETs to maintain superior switching performance.  More
  • Diodes' ≥100V P-Channel products offer are compatible with a wide variety of applications.   More