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DIOFET (Diodes Schottky Integrated MOSFET)

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DIOFET is a proprietary process that monolithically integrates a power MOSFET with a Schottky diode into a single Silicon chip. The integrated Schottky reduces the forward voltage drop of the body diode by almost 50% and also has a lower reverse recovery charge.

In application, this means the conduction and switching losses are reduced, and overall, the circuit will operate at a higher efficiency with a reduced operating temperature. In addition, the DIOFET is an avalanche rugged process and the devices have a low gate capacitance ratio to reduce the risk of shoot-through currents.

The DIOFET is well suited for Point of Load (PoL) DC-DC converters used in computing, telecoms and industrial applications including:

  • Laptops, Netbooks and Notebooks
  • Set-Top Boxes
  • Servers and Desktop Computers
  • Telecom Equipment