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Diodestar products

DIODESTAR™ is a proprietary process platform for the manufacture of high voltage rectifiers. The DIODESTAR process gives high efficiency rectifiers that are characterised by >400V voltage handling, soft recovery and ultra fast switching. The process will support the production of a range of high voltage rectifiers for a variety of end applications including:


  • LCD LED-Backlit TV
  • Solar Inverters
  • Offline Lighting
  • Consumer Adaptors Inc. Notebooks and Printers
  • Servers and Desktop Computers.

The DIODESTAR bridge rectifiers are well suited for Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuits. With the correct PFC design these rectifiers are appropriate for Boundary (BCM) and Continuous (CCM) Conduction Mode operation.

These high efficiency DIODESTAR rectifiers enable designers to comply with the stringent demands of the 80PLUS Energy Star requirements and other electrical standards.

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