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USB 2.0 and Audio Switch


The PI3USB223 combines AC coupled audio signals and USB2.0 HS (480Mbps) on the same pins. This enables users to use a single connector to drive either a USB end point or an audio end point. PI3USB223 incorporates gate pump technology required to maintain low Ron for ideal audio THD while reducing the capacitance affect of high speed USB signals. The device also incorporates a substrate pump technology which allows -2V signals to pass through the switch without causing any leakage. The PI3USB223 features protection on D+/R and D-/L to ensure no damage will happen to the IC if these pins are shorted accidentally to Vbus as well as ensuring there is no leakage when VDD is on or off. Also, it includes VBUS detection (VB) to automatically switch to the USB signal path upon detection of a valid VBUS signal. It also features internal shunt resistors on the audio path to reduce clicks and pops heard during output. The device is available in a space-saving 10-pin, 1.4mm x 1.8mm UQFN package, and operate over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.


  • Single +2.7V to +4.4V Supply Voltage
  • Low 50μA Supply Current
  • -3dB Bandwidth: 1500MHz (typ)
  • Low 2.5Ω(typ)On-Resistance
  • THD+N: 0.02%
  • Shorting D+/R and D-/L to Vbus will not cause leakage when
    VDD = 0
  • Internal Shunt Resistors for Click-and-Pop Reduction
  • VBUS Detection for Automatic Switch Path Selection
  • Packaging (Pb-free & Green available):
    10-pin contact UQFN, 1.4 x 1.8, (ZM10)

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Analog or Digital? Analog
Configuration N/A
Differential Channels 2
HotInsertion No
Lanes 2
OtherFeatures None
RailToRail No
Signal Type Differential
Single Ended Channels 2
Voltage 3.3

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Environmental Compliance Legend:
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Product Change Notices

PCN # Issue Date Subject
16-12 2016-02-06 Adding two internal assembly and test sites: Diodes Technology (Chengdu) Company Limited (CAT) located in Chengdu, China and Diodes SKE/DSH (Shanghai Kaihong Electronic Co./Diodes Inc. Shanghai) (SAT) located in Shanghai, China.