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Diodes Pericom: A product line of Diodes Incorporated

CMOS & Differential XO

Use this selector to find the standard crystal oscillator XO solution to fit your needs. Select by any of the parameters below to help narrow your search. This selector also provides price quotes for quantities under 1000 units.

This is not a complete list of all our crystal oscillator solutions. More solutions can be found on our ASSP XO, Programmable (HiFlex™) Crystal Oscillator (CXO), VCXO, SSXO, Crystal Oscillator (XO) or Crystals pages.

Not finding the solution you need? Try building a custom Programmable (HiFlex) Crystal Oscillator (CXO) Part, or contact us.

CMOS & Differential XO FAQs

Is there a replacement for an obsolete part?

Not all obsolete parts will have a direct replacement. However, we recommended that you contact your regional sales office.

What are the types of jitter?

There are several types of jitter, but the main ones are: cycle-to-cycle jitter, period jitter, half period jitter, and peak-to-peak jitter. Jitter terminology can be found in AB36: Jitter Measurement Techniques at Application Brief No. 36 or Application Note No. 27.

What is the lead finish for Pericom products? What about lead-free?

All Pericom's products that are not lead-free are composed of 85% Sn and 15% Pb. For lead-free products, they are composed of 100% matte Sn. Lead-free products are marked and ordered with the letter "E" suffix at the end of the part number.

Where can I find Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) or Failures In Time (FIT) values for Pericom products?

FIT and MTBF data can be found at Pericom's Quality webpage.

Where can I find the information on your Pb-free and "Green" packaging?

Lead (Pb)-Free and Green information can be found on individual datasheets or Pb-Free & Green Page.