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3.3V, 100MHz 1:10 Output Non-Inverting Clock Driver, Industrial Temperature Operation

NOTE: Datasheet may not yet reflect updated package obsolescence/phase out status or Package Drawing. Please refer to the PRODUCT OPTIONS tab for the most up to date package options and drawings. Please refer to PCN/PDN tabs for most current package obsolescence/phase out status.
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Product Description

The PI49FCT3807 is a 3.3V 1-to-10 clock driver. This low skew clock driver features one input and ten outputs fanout. The large fanout from a single input line reduced loading on input clock. TTL level outputs reduce noise levels on the part. Typical applications are clock and signal distributon


  • 3.3V version of PI49FCT807
  • Ultra low skew: 0.35ns
  • Low Input Capacitance
  • Minimum duty cycle distortion
  • 1:10 fanout
  • High speed: 3.5ns propogation
  • TTL input and CMOS output compatible
    – VOH =3.3V (typical)
    – VOL =0.3V (typical)
  • Industrial Temperature: –40°C to +85°C
  • 3.3V ±10% operation
  • Packaging (Pb-free & Green Available):
    – 20-pin 300-mil wide SOIC (S)
    – 20-pin 150-mil wide QSOP (Q)
    – 20-pin 209-mil wide SSOP (H)

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Compliance(Only Automotive supports PPAP) Standard
Function Buffer
Number of Outputs 10
Output Type(s) CMOS
Maximum Output Frequency (MHz) 100
Additive Jitter (ps) N/A
Supply Voltage (V) 3.3
Input Type(s) CMOS
Skew (ps) 350
Ambient or Junction Temperature (°C) -40 to 85 °C
Orderable Part Number Status Package Environmental Compliance Packing Buy from Distributor /
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Qty. Carrier
PI49FCT3807CHE Obsolete SSOP-20 TPGP 66 TUBE
PI49FCT3807CHEX Obsolete SSOP-20 GREEN 2000 T&R
PI49FCT3807CQE Active QSOP-20 TPGP 55 TUBE


Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Countries/Regions Buy Online
Mouser Electronics Inc. 176 12/5/2022 South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Middle East Buy Now
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PI49FCT3807CQEX Active QSOP-20 TPGP 2500 T&R


Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Countries/Regions Buy Online
Digi-Key Electronics 10217 12/5/2022 Europe, Asia, North America Buy Now
Mouser Electronics Inc. 1570 12/5/2022 South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Middle East Buy Now
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PI49FCT3807CSE Obsolete SO-20 LFGP 38 TUBE
PI49FCT3807CSEX Obsolete SO-20 TPGP 1000 T&R

Environmental Compliance Legend:
LFF: Pb-Free Finish and RoHS 5/6
TLFP: Totally Pb-Free Product and RoHS 6/6
LFGP: Pb-free Finish and Green Product, RoHS 5/6 and Halogen Free
TPGP: Totally Pb-Free and Green Product, RoHS 6/6 and Halogen Free
GREEN: Halogen-free and RoHS compliant
RoHS: RoHS compliant but NOT halogen-free

Product Change Notices (PCNs)

A PCN may only apply to specific orderable part numbers in this datasheet. Please refer to the corresponding PCN to see the exact orderable part number(s) affected.

PCN # Issue Date Implementation Date Subject
PCN-2488 2020-10-20 2021-01-20 Fab Porting from Global Foundries to MagnaChip, Assembly Site Transfer, and BOM Change