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Automotive Compliant, Ultra-High Voltage Protection USB 1:1 Mux/DeMux

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The Automotive-compliant* PI3USB4002AQ is a High voltage short and surge protector. C0+/C0- pins can tolerate voltages up to 24V. Over-voltage protection (OVP) is implemented at 4.75V to immediately switch off the channels when over-voltage condition is detected. PI3USB4002AQ can pass USB2.0 signal with bandwidth 1GHz to maintain signal integrity and eye diagram open.  They have been qualified to AEC-Q100 grade 1 supporting ambient temperatures from -40°C to 125°C.


*Automotive-compliant – AEC qualified in IATF 16949 certified manufacturing sites and supports PPAP documentation


  • Differential Bi-Directional SPST Switch
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 0-5.5V
  • Wide bandwidth: 1GHz
  • Ultra-low Con: 7pF
  • Ultra-low Ron: 5Ω (typ)
  • Low Propagation Delay, 0.25ns typ
  • Low Off-Isolation, -30dB@240MHz
  • Low Crosstalk: -35dB@240MHz,
  • Low Power Consumption: 35µA typical
  • Wide Supply Voltage 2.7-5.5V
  • Protection Feature
    • Off-protection for current leakage in power-down mode
    • All I/O pins are high voltage tolerance
      • C0+/C0- tolerance to 24V
      • L0+/- tolerance to 6V
      • VDD tolerance to 6V
    • Over-voltage protection when Vbus short to C0-/C0+ when
      device is power-on and enabled
  • ESD Protection on (C0+/-)
    • IEC61000-4-2, 10kV
  • Wide Temperature Range: -40C to 125C
  • Automotive Grade 1 temperature range (-40C to 125C)
  • Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant 
  • Halogen and Antimony Free. “Green” Device 
  • For automotive applications requiring specific change control
    (i.e. parts qualified to AEC-Q100/101/200, PPAP capable,
    and manufactured in IATF 16949 certified facilities), please
    contact us or your local Diodes representative.
  • Packaging (Pb-free & Green):
    • 10-contact, UQFN (ZUA), 1.5x2mm, 0.5mm(H), 0.6mm


  • Infotainment, ADAS, USB Type-C port D+/D- data path

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Compliance(Only Automotive supports PPAP) Automotive
Analog or Digital? Analog
Configuration USB2, 1:1 MUX
Differential Channels 1
HotInsertion 1
Lanes 1
OtherFeatures 24V OVP
RailToRail 1
Signal Type Differential and Single Ended
Single Ended Channels 2
Voltage 2.7-5.5

Technical Documents

Recommended Soldering Techniques


Additional Technical Documents are available upon request: 
Application information, Evaluation board, and Other technical documents

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Qty. Carrier
PI3USB4002AQ1ZUAEX Active U-QFN1520-10 TPGP 3000 T&R


Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Countries/Regions Buy Online
Farnell, An Avnet Company 3000 11/26/2022 England Buy Now
Mouser Electronics Inc. 1657 11/26/2022 South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Middle East Buy Now
Digi-Key Electronics 6756 11/25/2022 Europe, Asia, North America Buy Now
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Environmental Compliance Legend:
LFF: Pb-Free Finish and RoHS 5/6
TLFP: Totally Pb-Free Product and RoHS 6/6
LFGP: Pb-free Finish and Green Product, RoHS 5/6 and Halogen Free
TPGP: Totally Pb-Free and Green Product, RoHS 6/6 and Halogen Free
GREEN: Halogen-free and RoHS compliant
RoHS: RoHS compliant but NOT halogen-free