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8 Gbps SAS3/PCIE3/SATA3/10GE 1 port/2 channel Low Power Linear Redriver


PI3EQX12902A is a low power, flexible multi-protocol redriver operating up to 8Gbps speeds. Supported protocol include SAS3, SATA3, PCIe3/10GE. The receive equalizer and output swing can be adjusted thru pin strap. It has power saving feature when there is no activity at the input or in case of PCIe3, it also has unplug power savings mode. 


  • Operate up to 8 Gbps
  • Provides up to 1V output swing¬†
  • Supports multiple protocols: SAS3, PCIe3, SATA3, 10GE
  • Adjustable equalizer and output swing
  • Very low active power (240mW) and standby power (0.1mW)


  • NB PC
  • Servers
  • Storage

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Compliance (Only Automotive supports PPAP) Standard
Channels 2
Data Rate (Gbps) 8
Lanes/Ports 1
Output Swing Max (mV) 1000
Programming Interface(s) Pinstrap

Technical Documents

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