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Dual PNP, 100V, 3A, PowerDI5060-8

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  • BVCEO > -100V
  • IC = -3A Continuous Collector Current
  • ICM = -8A Peak Pulse Current
  • RCE(sat) = 110mΩ (Typ)
  • Rated to +175°C – Ideal for High Ambient Temperature Environments
  • Complementary Part: DXTN3C100PDQ
  • Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant (Notes 1 & 2)
  • Halogen and Antimony Free. “Green” Device (Note 3)
  • The DXTP3C100PDQ is suitable for automotive applications requiring specific change control; this part is AEC-Q101 qualified, PPAP capable, and manufactured in IATF16949 certified facilities. https://www.diodes.com/quality/product-definitions/


  • Power Management
  • Load Switches

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

AEC Qualified Yes
Compliance (Only Automotive supports PPAP) Automotive
Product Type PNP + PNP
VCEO, VCES (V) 100 V
IC (A) 3 A
ICM (A) 8 A
PD (W) 1.76 W
hFE (min) 170 Min
hFE(@ IC) 0.5 A
hFE(Min 2) 45
hFE(@ IC2) 2 A
VCE (SAT)Max (mV) 110 mV
VCE (SAT) (@ IC/IB) (A/m A) 0.5/50
VCE (SAT)(Max.2) 360 mV
VCE (SAT) (@ IC/IB2) (A/mA) 2/200
fT (MHz) 125 MHz
RCE(SAT) 180 mΩ

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