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Dual NPN, 50V, 0.1A, SOT563

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****************************************************************************************************************************************** Note: The following SPICE model is for the transistor element. When applying this SPICE model to your circuit simulation be certain to add R1 and/or R2 values per the table found on sheet 1 of the data sheet. Allow +/- 30% resistance tolerance and +/- 20% for R2/R1 ratio tolerance. *SRC=DDC143TH;DI_DDC143TH;BJTs NPN; Si; 50.0V 0.150A 200MHz Diodes Inc. PBTs .MODEL DI_DDC143TH NPN (IS=16.8f NF=1.00 BF=766 VAF=127 + IKF=91.1m ISE=3.59p NE=2.00 BR=4.00 NR=1.00 + VAR=28.0 IKR=0.225 RE=0.665 RB=2.66 RC=0.266 + XTB=1.5 CJE=11.3p VJE=1.10 MJE=0.500 CJC=4.50p VJC=0.300 + MJC=0.300 TF=549p TR=119n EG=1.12 ) *****************************************************************************************************************************************

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Category R1 Only
Compliance(Only Automotive supports PPAP) Standard
Polarity NPN + NPN
VCEO (V) 50
IC Max (mA) 100
PD (mW) 150
R1 Typ (kΩ) 4.7
R2 Typ (kΩ) N/A

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