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AH342 (Obsolete)

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The AH342 is a bipolar latching hall IC with a pair of complementary push/pull outputs. A dual hall element is used to offset stress induced noise and drift. The robust outputs are capable of sourcing up to 7.4mA and sinking up to 4.4mA. The device contains inherent reverse polarity protection up to the full power supply range.


  • Digital dual complementary sink/source outputs
  • Reverse Voltage Polarity protection for full supply range.
  • High output current capability
  • Low profile packages: SIP-4L
  • Lead Free Package: SIP-4L
  • Lead Free Finish/RoHS Compliant


  • Conveyors
  • Motor control
  • Power sensing
  • Linear or rotary motion detection
  • RPM sensing

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Average Supply Current (µA) 4.5
Operating Ambient Temperature (°C) -40 to 125
Operating Point Bop (Bops +ve/ Bopn -ve) Gauss (Max) 150
Operating Point Bop (Bops +ve/ Bopn -ve) Gauss (Min) 30
Operating Point Bop (Bops +ve/ Bopn -ve) Gauss (Typ) -
Operating Voltage (V) 4.5 to 28
Output Current Capability (mA) 10
Output Type Dual Complementary Push-Pull Active Low
Release Point Brp (Brps +ve/Brpn -ve) Gauss (Max) -30
Release Point Brp (Brps +ve/Brpn -ve) Gauss (Min) -150
Release Point Brp (Brps +ve/Brpn -ve) Gauss (Typ) -

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