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Advances in high brightness LED technology are enabling the lighting industry to transition to more efficient and reliable solutions, while also introducing new capabilities in control and industrial design. Diodes Incorporated has a long association with the lighting industry and is committed to maintaining its position as a principal supplier of electronic drive and control technology to lighting and luminaire manufacturers. An expanding family of high brightness LED power management and constant current drive products, expanding the range of semiconductor products from the acquisition of Zetex Semiconductors, with an extensive library of proven reference designs, provides efficient and cost effective solutions for our customers and manufacturing partners.

The examples presented on this page demonstrate the low cost, low component count, flexibility and high performance of typical Diodes' LED drive solutions. These are supported by comprehensive characterization, powerful design tools and an experienced lighting solutions team. The ZXLD1350 constant current driver solution for example, shown here driving XLamp® LEDs from our solutions partner Cree, provides a minimal component count solution with many control capabilities, including dimming and thermal tracking. Please review the growing list of Diodes' LED drive solutions within the Lighting section and in the overview table below.

Diodes welcomes the opportunity to provide solutions to OEM, ODM and system integration partners. For more information about lighting applications, please contact your local Diodes Incorporated technical support.

Cree LED Solution Provider (CSP) Certificate

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AL8806 - New 1.5A Cost Effective LED Driver

cree microlink
MT-G shown above.
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Cree microsite:

The AL8806 is Diodes' latest hysteretic buck LED driver designed to drive up to 1.5A LED current. Its low Rds(on) coupled with its low thermal impedance exposed pad MSOP-8EP package enables it to handle the rigors of high current LED driving within space constrained, thermally challenging luminaire designs such as MR16 lamps. The AL8806 has been developed to drive higher current LEDs, such as Cree's latest multi-die MT-G LED.


AL8806 Datasheet and AL8806 High Current MR16 Design Report

AL9910 Datasheet and AL9910 B10 Reference Design Report

AL9910/A high voltage PWM LED driver-controller provides an efficient solution for offline high brightness LED lamps for B10 design applications.

AL9910 Evaluation Board

 AL9910EV8 Sch

ZXLD1350 Evaluation Board 

ZXLD1350 evaluation board The ZXLD1360 provides a 1A version of the same circuit topology, whereas the ZXLD1362 and ZXLD1366 are 60V options, ideally suited for linear LED arrays (comprising Cree XPE or XPG, for example) for T8 or T5 fluorescent tube retro-fit or system replacement. The AP8800, AP8801 and AP8802 provide more package variants and additional cost/performance points in the solutions matrix.


u 2 img 100315022907



The ZXLD1321 is optimized for low-voltage, step-down, constant current drive capability that's ideally suited to the Cree MCE LED array for high current, highly integrated solutions.




u 16 img 100322204012

Our SBR Technology Enhances LED driver applications - replaces the traditional Schottky



The SBR (Super Barrier Rectifier) technology uses a MOSFET based structure to provide advantages over standard Schottky and PN diodes. The process allows the Vf (forward voltage drop) and Ir (reverse leakage current) to be tuned to provide best in class performance relative to die area, against standard diode technologies. Lower Vf and a much lower temperature coefficient of leakage current allow higher current capabilities per package type and increased thermal stability - both factors of prime interest for LED luminaire converter design.

Thermal Runaway Comparison: SBR2A40PI vs. Standard Schottky

u 4 img 100326054729

u 17 img 100326055502


The SBR05M100BLP miniature bridge rectifier is ideal for 12 to 48VAC lighting applications, and provides a space efficient and thermally stable solution.


Low Voltage (12V AC) SBR Bridge Alternative for LED Lighting

Evaluation Boards

Evaluation boards are available to qualified inquirers. Please contact your local support partner.

High Power LED Calculators

Lighting Design Notes

  • DN81 Lighting design note handbook
  • DN83 LED MR16 Lamp solution using the ZXLD1350 LED driver
  • DN86 Reduced component count and compact reference design for MR16 replacement lamps using multiple 1W LEDs
  • DN92 ZXLD1360 and Super Barrier Rectifier ideally suited for 700mA LED current in MR16 application

 u 8 img 100315025005




u 10 img 100315025213u 7 img 100315204051

u 13 img 100315203826

Diodes' LED Driver IC Solutions


Diodes ProductsCree
Nominal LED current (mA)1100185700700500350150
LED DriverMax Current       
AL8805 1000     Y Y Y Y  
AL8806 1500 Y            
AL8807 1000     Y Y Y Y  
AL9910 Ext MOS Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
AP8800A 370           Y  
AP8801 500   Y     Y Y  
AP8802 1000   Y Y Y Y Y  
AP8802H 1000   Y Y Y Y Y  
AP8803 1000     Y Y Y Y  
DLD101 1000   Y         Y
ZXLD381               Y
ZXLD383               Y
ZXLD1320 1500 Y   Y Y Y Y  
ZXLD1321 700       Y Y Y  
ZXLD1322 700       Y Y Y  
ZXLD1350 380           Y  
ZXLD1352 380           Y  
ZXLD1356 550           Y  
ZXLD1360 1000   Y     Y Y  
ZXLD1362 1000     Y Y Y Y  
ZXLD1366 1000   Y Y Y Y Y  
ZXLD1370 Ext MOS Y Y Y Y Y Y  
ZXLD1371 Ext MOS Y Y Y Y Y Y  
ZXLD1374 1500 Y Y Y Y Y Y  
ZXSC310 Ext BJT             Y
ZXSC380 80             Y
ZXSC400 Ext B         Y Y Y