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Can the un-used clock IC outputs be left open?

Yes, the clock ICs’ outputs can be just left open if they are not used. In this way can save the un-used buffer output drawing power without driving anything.

How can the PI3L301D be used to reduce the cost of a Notebook Gigabit Ethernet application?

Adding a PI3L301D in a Notebook PC to switch the signals from the MAC between the RJ-45 on the Notebook and the RJ-45 in a docking station will remove the need for a MAC populated in the docking station and will reduce the overall system cost.

What can pull-up/down value be on PCB for Clock IC inputs?

It is recommended to use 4.7k for pull-up and 1k for pull-down even though Clock IC has internal pull-up/down as high reliability design guide, include un-used inputs pins.

What is FCP XO product?

FCP is Frequency Control Product. They include crystals, crystal oscillators (XO), voltage control oscillators (VCXO), and TCXO. XO has IC and crystal integrated together as a component for quality easy use in system designs. For more product information, please visit company website: https://www.diodes.com/products/connectivity-and-timing/crystal-and-crystal-oscillator/


What is HiFlex® clock IC?

PI6LCxxxx is Pericom's newly developed high frequency, very low jitter clock generator family, which use high Q silicon VCO to dramatically reduce traditional PLL clock jitter. They are especially good for Telecom, Datacom, and Ethernet for phase jitter <=1 ps designs.  HiFlex Clock FInder tool

What is HiFlex® XO?

HiFlex® XO is programmable frequency synthesis crystal oscillator family. It has very short lead time for any frequency design need,even in flexible quantity. They are specially good for Telecom, Datacom, Ethernet, and SDRAM controller low jitter reference clock designs. HiFlex XO Finder




What is LVPECL clock and its termination?

LVPECL is Low Voltage Positive (supply) Emitter Couple Logic. Its voltage level is around 2V+/-400mV and the most use termination is 150 ohm pull-down at output pin and AC or DC coupling to an equivalent 100 ohm across pair at RX ASIC side. Check ASIC datasheet  to prevent double termination.

What switch is suggested for a Gigabit Ethernet application and why?

The PI3L301D is suggested for Gigabit Ethernet applications. The PI3L301D has the lowest combination of both R-on and C-on in the LAN switch market, resulting in lowest return-loss which exceeds the requirement for the IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit PHY conformance tests spec.

Which switch is recommended for both of the 100 Base FX application with PECL signal and the 100 Base Tx signal?

It is recommended to use the PI3L110 switch for both of the 100 Base FX application with PECL signal and the 100 Base TX application. PI3L110 switch can pass through both these signals without clipping.