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Can one single EEPROM be implemented at Scalar in HDTV instead of several EEPROMs at input HDMI connectors?

Per HDMI requirement, EEPROM is readable in power-off condition.  In other words, if DDC lines from HDMI connector can pass through Pericom switches and read the EEPROM at Scalar when only standby power is present in HDTV and when +5V is supplied from HDMI connector, one EEPROM implementation at Scalar is allowed.

Can PI3HDMI412FT-x be employed in 1.8Vcc application?

Yes.  For 1.8V application, Vcc and Vss of , PI3HDMI412FT-B should be set to 1.8V and GND, respectively.

Is the TMDS swing specification of DVI different from that of HDMI?

The TMDS swing specification of DVI is the same as that of HDMI.