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Diodes-BCD Wafer Foundry Service

Service Introduction

In 2001, BCD Semi established the 1st 6" fab in China for Bipolar foundry services. With the Bipolar-centric process technologies, Diodes-BCD Semi can provide Bipolar, CMOS, BiCMOS, and BCDMOS processes with feature sizes of 1-4 um.

As an ISO9001/2000 certified company, Diodes-BCD Semi foundry services have provided worldwide customers with wafer solutions of superior quality, including fabless IC design and IDM companies in US, Japan, China, and Taiwan. With mature and stable process technologies, fast cycle time, and excellent customer services, Diodes-BCD Semi has established itself as one of the major companies in providing analog foundry services in the semiconductor industry, especially in the Greater China region.

Wafer Foundry Service

Diodes-BCD Semi has one 6" fab.

We focus on Analog foundry, providing Bipolar, BiCMOS and BCDMOS process with feature size 1-4um.

Diodes-BCD Semi ensures customers satisfaction by providing quality products through customer service. We currently serve customers from US, Japan, Mainland China and Taiwan.

For further foundry sales information, please contact: Lu_Huang@cn.diodes.com.

BiCMOS Process
Bipolar Process
BCD E-Service System (E-Service For Foundry)

Customer Service

Customer Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

  • Mask Making: Customer forwards GDS files directly to the Diodes-BCD qualified mask shop and Diodes-BCD Semi delivers frame data to the specified mask shop, before the mask shop combine them. No access of mask data by Diodes-BCD Semi.
  • Mask Management: Masks are customers' property, customers that can take back anytime. Diodes-BCD Semi uses masks only for the mask-making customer.
  • Wafer Management: Diodes-BCD Semi starts wafers based upon customers' PO, not starts extra wafers produced.
  • Unshipped Wafers: All un-shipped wafers are scrapped at Diodes-BCD Semi under customers' supervision.
  • Confidential Products: Customers' part numbers converts into Diodes-BCD Semi's part numbers. Our employees have no idea of customers' products, part numbers. Customer's information can be kept confidentially.

Technical Support





Mr. Huang Lu
Lu_Huang@cn.diodes.com 86-21-24162266 teeny tiny phone ext.86205 86-21-24162277 teeny tiny phone
Mr. Ren Chong
Chong_Ren@cn.diodes.com 86-21-64851491 teeny tiny phone ext.86308/85308 86-21-64851721 teeny tiny phone 
 Mr. Qiu Bin
Bin_Qiu@cn.diodes.com  86-21-64851491 teeny tiny phone ext.85532/83025 86-21-64851721  teeny tiny phone