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Application Notes

AN # Sorted descending Description Download Date Unsorted Column
DN39 ZLDO series - quiescent current vs. dropout voltage. PDF (83 KB) 06/1996
DN38 The ZR431 low reference voltage shunt regulator in SMPS control loops. PDF (67 KB) 06/1996
DN37 The ZR431 low reference voltage shunt regulator. PDF (68 KB) 06/1996
DN36 ZDC833A dual variable capacitance diode. PDF (69 KB) 05/1996
DN34 High efficiency converter for LCD bias contrast supplies. PDF (62 KB) 04/1996
DN33 Isolating high side switch for thermal printer SMPS. PDF (66 KB) 04/1996
DN32 A high efficiency constant current source for battery charging applications. PDF (77 KB) 04/1996
DN31 High voltage generation for xenon tube applications. PDF (116 KB) 11/1995
DN30 High speed turn-off circuit for PNP pass transistors. PDF (73 KB) 02/1996
DN3 High current high voltage analogue switches. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN29 ZVP4424 and ZVN4424 in telephone hook-switch and earth recall applications. PDF (70 KB) 06/1996
DN28 6W inverter for MOS logic supplies. PDF (98 KB) 01/1998
DN27 12V solenoid driver/latch. PDF (70 KB) 02/1996
DN26 D.C. motor speed control using the ZTX450. PDF (118 KB) 01/1996
DN25 Flash gun inverter using super E-Line bipolar transistors. PDF (75 KB) 10/1995
DN24 The ZTX413 avalanche transistor. PDF (66 KB) 10/1995
DN22 LCD display fluorescent backlighting. PDF (66 KB) 06/1995
DN21 Automotive alarm siren driver. PDF (124 KB) 10/1995
DN20 Features and applications of the ZVN4210A. PDF (74 KB) 06/1995
DN2 Sonar transducer driver using TO92 style bipolar transistors. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN19 Remote control motor driver. PDF (73 KB) 06/1995
DN18 Emergency lighting fluorescent lamp. PDF (73 KB) 06/1995
DN17 Gaming machine lamp driver. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN16 Low dropout linear regulators. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN15 Flashgun converter. PDF (71 KB) 06/1995
DN14 Brushless DC fan driver. PDF (71 KB) 06/1995
DN13 High efficiency hybrid DC-DC converter. PDF (66 KB) 06/1995
DN12 Ionising smoke detector. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN1158 200W Resonant Power Supply Reference Design Using the DGD2113 Gate Driver PDF (1.2 MB) 01/2016
DN1157 Electronic Cigarette (eCig) Design Note PDF (208 KB) 01/2016
DN1156 Gate Drivers in BLDC Motors PDF (568 KB) 01/2016
DN1155 Use of DGD2103 & DGD2104 in IR2103 & IR2104 Applications PDF (514 KB) 01/2016
DN1154 Use of DGD2106 in IR2106 Applications PDF () 01/2016
DN1153 Bootstrap Capacitor Considerations PDF (330 KB) 01/2016
DN1152 Gate Driver and MOSFET Compatibility PDF (265 KB) 01/2016
DN1151 Start-up Sequencing for Diode’s Gate Drivers PDF (247 KB) 01/2016
DN11 Low noise audio input stage. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN10 3V distress beacon. PDF (75 KB) 06/1995
ANP031_AP431 Signal Response In Switch-Mode Power Supply PDF (230 KB) 01/2010
ANP030_AP2014A AP2014/A PDF (344 KB) 07/2008
ANP022 AP1512/A 50KHz, 2A/3A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter PDF (240 KB) 04/2008
ANP020 AP1605 300KHz, 3A PWM/PFM Dual Mode Step-down Switching Regulator PDF () 06/2006
ANP019 AP1604 600KHz,1A PWM/PFM Dual Mode Step-down DC/DC Converter PDF (530 KB) 06/2006
ANP017 AP1511/AP1514 300KHz 5A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter PDF (226 KB) 06/2006
ANP016 AP1510 300KHz, 3A High Efficiency PWM Buck DC/DC Converter PDF (428 KB) 05/2006
ANP014 AP1513 300KHz, 2A High Efficiency PWM Buck DC/DC Converter PDF (418 KB) 05/2006
ANP013 AP1509 150KHz 2A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter PDF (233 KB) 05/2006
ANP011 AP1507 150KHz, 2A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter PDF (231 KB) 05/2006
ANP008 Dual USB High-Side Power Switch AP1212 PDF (143 KB) 04/2003
ANP007 AP2001 Dual Buck Converter PDF (285 KB) 06/2006