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Application Notes

AN # Sorted descending Description Download Date Unsorted Column
AB034-P Big Ednian to Little Endian Data Conversion Using 3.3V Bus Switches PDF (15 KB) 09/1999
AB033-P Bus Load Isolation Using a High Density 3.3V Bus Switch PDF (15 KB) 09/1999
AB032-P 3.3V Bus Switches for PC 100/PC 133 DIMM Switching PDF (25 KB) 09/1999
AB030-P Interface - LVDS: Interfacing PECL to LVDS PDF (214 KB) 08/1999
AB020-P PC CLock Offerings PDF (143 KB) 01/1999
AB015-P Speciality Interface: SDRAM Modules Using Pericom's Products PDF (55 KB) 01/1999
AB014-P Speciality Interface: Advanced Low Voltage CMOS with Bus Hold (ALVCH) 3.3V Logic PDF (20 KB) 04/1997
AB011-P Analog Switch in Audio Applications (Using PI5A100 to Replace a Reed Relay) PDF (33 KB) 01/1999
AB010-P ASSP: Switching RGB Video Between Monitor and TV Using PI5V330 PDF (33 KB) 01/1999
AB009-P ASSP: Video Switch in Video Pixel-Rate Switch Application - PI5V330 PDF (53 KB) 03/1999
AB007-P All Purpose Analog Switch Design Hints PDF (144 KB) 01/1999
AB006-P LAN Switch in Ethernet Applications PDF (54 KB) 01/1999
AB005-P LAN Switching Techniques Using the PI5L100 & PI5L200 PDF (127 KB) 01/1999
AB004-P Speciality Interface: Heavy Load Applications PI74FCT162344T PDF (34 KB) 01/1999
AB003-P Speciality Interface: Quiet FCT Logic Advances (Replacement for ABT Logic) PDF (102 KB) 01/1999
AB002-P Speciality Interface: Low Power Technology (LPT) 3.3V Logic LCX and FCT3 Logic PDF (27 KB) 01/1999
AB001-P Speciality Interface: FCT vs. ABT Logic Comparison PDF (42 KB) 01/1999