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Application Notes

AN # Sorted descending Description Download Date Unsorted Column
ANP006 AP1501A Series Step-Down (Buck) Regulator PDF (292 KB) 06/2006
ANP005 AP2001 CCFL Inverter. PDF (411 KB) 12/2002
ANP004 AP2001 Buck+Boost Converter. PDF (356 KB) 06/2006
ANP002 AP1501 Series Step-Down (Buck) Regulator. PDF (241 KB) 05/2006
ANP001 Application of the AP34063 Switching Regulator Control Circuits. PDF (235 KB) 07/2005
ANL001 High Voltage Implementation of AP3156 for Backlighting LED Driver Applications PDF (195 KB) 03/2010
ANH013 AH1802 simulation results for Vertical Orientation PDF (399 KB) 01/2009
ANH011 Ah285 Demo Board Hall-Effect Smart Fan Motor Controller PDF (398 KB) 05/2006
ANH003 Hall Effect Latch Switch PDF (51 KB) 05/2006
ANH002 ATS280 Demo Board Smart Hall-Effect Fan Driver PDF (372 KB) 05/2006
AN9 Zetex variable capacitance diodes. PDF (544 KB) 07/2002
AN8 The ZTX415 avalanche mode transistor - an introduction to characterisation, performance and applications. PDF (337 KB) 01/1996
AN77 Diodes' High Speed Data Line ESD Protector D1213A Provides Excellent USB2.0 Protection with Minimal Impact on Signal Integrity PDF (1.4 MB) 08/2012
AN76 DMC4040SSD Reduces MOSFET Losses Ensuring Reliable Operation of Brushless DC Motors PDF (339 KB) 06/2011
AN75 High Power Factor LED Replacement T8 Fluorescent Tube using the AL9910 High Voltage LED Controller PDF (547 KB) 01/2011
AN74 Solar Street Lighting Application with ZXLD1374 PDF (183 KB) 09/2010
AN73 High efficiency DC-DC PoL conversion using the DMS3015SSS PDF (209 KB) 08/2010
AN72 DIOFET™ boosts PoL Efficiency, Reduces Heat Versus Standard MOSFET PDF (138 KB) 08/2010
AN71 Response time reduction of the ZXCT1009 Current Monitor PDF (924 KB) 06/2009
AN70 Output short-circuit protection on a synchronous rectified flyback converter with the ZXGD3101 controller PDF (113 KB) 04/2009
AN7 The use of Zetex E-line transistors in DC-DC converters - an introduction to the E-line package and typical applications. PDF (141 KB) 01/1996
AN69 Synchronous rectifier reduces conduction loss in LLC resonant power supplies PDF (175 KB) 03/2009
AN68 Synchronous MOSFETs selection for Flyback converters PDF (175 KB) 02/2009
AN67 Designing with shunt regulators - mixing, adding or summing PDF (383 KB) 12/2008
AN66 Designing with Shunt Regulators - AC amplifier PDF (455 KB) 11/2008
AN65 Using the ZXSC310 to drive high power LEDs from 2 alkaline cell with hysteretic UVLO PDF (221 KB) 11/2008
AN64 Common anode topology with Zetex hysteretic converters PDF (272 KB) 10/2008
AN63 Designing with Shunt Regulators - ZXRE060 low voltage regulator PDF (255 KB) 09/2008
AN62 Designing with Shunt Regulators - Other applications PDF (175 KB) 09/2008
AN61 Designing with References - Extending the operating voltage range PDF (210 KB) 09/2008
AN60 Designing with Shunt Regulators - Fixed voltage regulators and opto isolation PDF (130 KB) 09/2008
AN6 The use of Zetex E-line transistors in motor and solenoid driver functions within printers - effective logic to high current loa PDF (113 KB) 11/1995
AN59 Designing with Shunt Regulators - Series regulation PDF (164 KB) 09/2008
AN58 Designing with References - Shunt regulation PDF (176 KB) 09/2008
AN57 Automotive EMC considerations for switching regulator LED lighting applications using ZXLD1362 PDF (316 KB) 09/2008
AN56 12Vac LED Driving without smoothing capacitors PDF (438 KB) 09/2008
AN55 ZXCT1041 as a precision full wave rectifier PDF (703 KB) 09/2008
AN54 Energy Star® V2.0 compliant flyback converter using the ZXGD3101 synchronous MOSFET controller PDF (404 KB) 11/2008
AN53 DC-DC PoL conversion using Zetex' ZXMN2F34MA MOSFET PDF (164 KB) 04/2008
AN52 IGBT gate drive considerations in electronic lamp ballasts PDF (241 KB) 02/2008
AN513-P PI5USB31213A in USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C Application PDF (1001 KB) 02/2018
AN51 Precision voltage regulation for ultra-low noise applications PDF (100 KB) 10/2007
AN50 Feed forward compensation for ZXSC300 LED driver PDF (99 KB) 10/2007
AN5 Super E-line applications in automotive electronics - replacement of large packaged transistors with an enhanced TO92 product. PDF (124 KB) 02/1996
AN48 Getting more out of the ZXLD1350 - high output current PDF (212 KB) 05/2007
AN47 Getting more out of the ZXLD1350 - dimming techniques PDF (222 KB) 08/2006
AN46 Zetex' current monitors with PolySwitch™ overcurrent device PDF (170 KB) 04/2006
AN45 High voltage current monitoring using the ZXCT series in power supplies. PDF (129 KB) 11/2007
AN44 Application note for the ZXSC300 / ZXSC310 high power LED drivers - for low voltage halogen replacement. PDF (115 KB) 07/2006
AN43 Application note for the ZXBM1004 and ZXBM2004 variable speed motor controllers - interfacing to the motor windings. PDF (200 KB) 04/2004