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Aug 21 2020

2020 (Autumn) USB PD & Type-C Asia Summit

ChongDianTou Net is one of the earliest institutions in China that specialize in taking apart and reviewing consumer power technologies and accessories, including chargers, wireless chargers, power cables, power banks, batteries, and USB power hubs.

The 2020 (Autumn) USB PD & Type-C Asia Summit is an one-day event on 2020/8/21 that connects companies in the industry in China and promotes USB PD charging technologies and applications.

The venue is located at: 1st floor, conference center, unit 4, building B, Kexing Science Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

Please contact info@chongdiantou.com for more information about the event.


Diodes Booth: No. B09