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Diodes Pericom: A product line of Diodes Incorporated

Contractors Needed - Operators and Technicians

Diodes Fabtech located in Lee's Summit, MO is in need of the following contractors for immediate placement.  Apply Now!

Machine Operator - 5+ Years Experience

All Shifts for operators experience with Varian 3280 and 3290. All night shifts for operators with experience in photolithography; Apply, Develop, MPA and PR Clean up. Former Lead Operators a plus! Overtime available on all shifts! $35.00 hourly rate includes all expenses.

Maintenance Technician - 5+ Years Experience

Full Time, no shortage of work, overtime available. All night shifts, for techs with Varian 3280 and 3290 experience, Tegal Endeavor a plus. Weekend nights for techs with Canon MPA 600FA and SVG 8800 experience, Semi tool ozone and SAT a plus. $50.00 hourly rate includes all expenses.

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