Reversible DC Motor Drivers


Product Overview Specs

Description Operating Voltage
Supply Current
(No Load)
Average Output
Drive Current
Peak Motor
Typical Total RDS(ON)
(NMOS and PMOS Combined)
Speed Control Direction Control Brake
Temperature Range
Package Outlines
Reversible DC Motor Driver 3.0 to 18 0.85 500
1200 1 @ 12V PWM VREF DC Yes Yes Yes Under Voltage Lockout , Over Voltage Protection , Over Current Protection , Thermal Shutdown -40 to +105


  • Supports single-coil reversible DC motor applications
  • Operating voltage: 3V to 18V 
  • Four modes of operations: Forward, Reverse, Brake and Standby
  • Low quiescent current of 0.85mA typical in normal operation and 32µA in standby mode
  • Internal over current protection
  • Under voltage lockout and over voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • -40ºC to +85ºC /105ºC operating temperature
  • 6kV ESD withstand capability
  • Standard SO-8 and thermally enhanced SO-8EP
  • Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant 
  • Halogen and Antimony Free. “Green” Device


The ZXBM5210 is a highly integrated high performance single chip solution for reversible brushed direct current (DC)  motors and actuators.
For system flexibility the device has four modes of operation: forward, reverse, brake and standby modes.  The operating mode and direction of rotation can be slectedcan by the FWD and REV pins. Additionally, the motor speed  can be controlled linearly by changing the duty ratio of the PWM signal on the FWD or REV pins in the PWM mode or alternatively by adjusting the DC voltage input signal to the VREF pin in the Vref mode. The device has a wide supply voltage range of 3V to 18V  and the operating ambient temperature range of -40°C to +105°C.
To help protect the IC and the motor coil the ZXBM5210 includes under voltage lockout, over voltage , over current and over thermal shutdown protection functions. Once the safe operating range has been exceeded the device shuts down the output drive to help prevent over stress on the IC or the coil. The device internal current protection threshold is 1.5A typical at 12V. To aid power efficiency the ZXBM5210 has a standby mode, consuming 32µA typical.  Product reliability and robustness is further enhanced by  the devices’ high ESD withstand capability of 6kV and extended  operatign temperature ranges. 
The ZXBM5210 is available in the standard SO-8 and thermally enhanced SO-8EP packages.


  • 5V / 12V / 15V DC reversible motors
  • Home appliances 
  • Handheld power tools
  • Valve open and close 
  • Remote control motorized toys
  • Medium Voltage/ Low Power DC Motors


Distributor Stock Information / Buy Now

Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
ZXBM5210-S-13 DIGI-KEY CORPORATION 2500 05/19/2015 Americas
ZXBM5210-S-13 DIGI-KEY CORPORATION 3719 05/19/2015 Americas
ZXBM5210-S-13 MOUSER ELECTRONICS 2239 05/19/2015 Americas
ZXBM5210-S-13 FUTURE ELECTRONICS 2500 05/20/2015 Americas
ZXBM5210-S-13 FUTURE ELECTRONICS UK 2500 05/20/2015 Europe, Middle East, Africa
ZXBM5210-S-13 FUTURE ELECTRONICS- ASIA 2500 05/20/2015 Asia Pacific
ZXBM5210-SP-13 DIGI-KEY CORPORATION 2500 05/19/2015 Americas
ZXBM5210-SP-13 MOUSER ELECTRONICS 7500 05/19/2015 Americas

Package Outline Information

  • SO-8
  • SO-8EP

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