Omnipolar Hall Effect Switches


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Output Type Description Operating Voltage
Average Supply Current (µA) Operating Point Bop (Bops +ve/ Bopn -ve) Gauss (Min) Operating Point Bop (Bops +ve/ Bopn -ve) Gauss (Typ) Operating Point Bop (Bops +ve/ Bopn -ve) Gauss (Max) Release Point Brp (Brps +ve/Brpn -ve) Gauss (Min) Release Point Brp (Brps +ve/Brpn -ve) Gauss (Typ) Release Point Brp (Brps +ve/Brpn -ve) Gauss (Max) Operating Ambient Temperature Range
Package Outlines
Single Open Drain Active Low High Sensitivity Micropower Omnipolar Hall Effect Switch 2.5 to 5.5 10 -
- - 20
- -5 -40 to +85


The AH9248 is an ultra-sensitive Hall-effect switch with digital latched output, mainly designed for battery-operation, hand-held equipments. Special CMOS process is used for low-voltage and low-power requirement. A chopper stabilized amplifier improves stability of magnetic switch points. A sleep-awake logic controls the IC in sleep time or awake time. This function will reduce the average operating current of the IC. During the awake time, the output is changed with the magnetic flux density. During the sleep time, the output is latched in its previous state and the current consumption will reduce to some ?A. The IC switching behaviour is omnipolar, either north or south pole sufficient strength will turn the output on. If the magnetic flux density is larger than operating point (BOP), the output will be turned on; if it is less than releasing point (BRP), the output will be turned off.


  • Cover Switch in Notebook PC/PDA
  • Handheld Wireless Application Awake Switch
  • Magnet Switch in Low Duty Cycle Applications


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    AH9248Z3-G1 MOUSER ELECTRONICS 2889 05/27/2015 Americas

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